Thursday, November 11, 2010

gratitide... day 11

THANK YOU so much everyone, who is participating! I hope that you are all getting something wonderful from pondering what you are grateful for! I have enjoyed traveling to new blogs, or visiting old friends!
I hope you can spring board into something creative now that you have started sharing. Each detail of our lives has a story. What's yours?
Any layout created from a "gratitude" entry will receive an extra chance in the drawing at the tend of the month!
OK, so what am I grateful for today...
Well today, I am melancholy and struggling to go with my usual motto "choose joy".
We can't always be happy every day, right?
But I can be reminded what it is to be loved, even when I don't feel so lovable.
My kids run to me each day school ends. Hugs, kisses and snuggles.
Yep. Even on my worst day, I am loved.
(We might be a motley crew, but we love each other dearly.)
{penny... the unconditional love of family.}


meganklauer said...

Beautiful post penny & that is one of mu fav pics!

A splash of Sherry said...

Day 11:Grateful to be an American is here:

XXOO AMY said...

I am loving this! Choose Joy~ that is great! I tell my kids its up to them what kind of day they will have, don't let others influence, you decide to be happy.

Colleen said...

day 11

Gwen said...

Just found your challenge and happened to click on this day...choose joy is what I always told me kids as they were growing up! Now when I complain, I hear it back from them!!