Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Let's Break for the Holiday's Shall We??

Merry Christmas
Or whatever you celebrate...

May it be merry, joyful, and SAFE!!!

See ya in the New Year!!

Happy Creating!

OH, and for some ADDED inspiration, I wanted to show you this GREAT submissions to our
"Traditions" challenge!! Click on the layout, to visit their blogs!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Let's Just Pretend it is the 1st...

The Story Matters is dear enough to my heart, AND I still think it is MEGA, UBER, REALLY (you get the idea) important, to tell our stories... REALLY tell them!

To those ends, we are continuing with this blog site, hanging on through the declining interest of scrapbookers to challenge sites, because it IS important... and no matter what the products of the moment, or the photographic style... telling our story is so much more important than JUST making a cute page... which, of course, I am guilty of... but I HAVE gone back and evenif I don't/didn't journal on my page, I have now taken the time to say more on the back-if nothing else...
I don't want these stories and feelings lost... because we ARE human, and these stories are what is going to make my pages stay in the family with interest... That's my hope... for your pages also...

We WILL be doing a challenge every two weeks...
We WILL give away a prize whenever we can...
If you can sponsor, or know someone how is willing, let me know!!

OK, our challenge...

Traditions... do you have any? Childhood, recently started, or intended...
Scrap them. Who started it, who gave you the idea, why is it important to you??
Thanksgiving, Christmas, just cuz...

It's that open... :)


(Submit your LO's to our comments section by the 15th... I will post them the same day as the new challenge!!)

From our Authors:

HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS…this is a tradition

I intend to keep, for years to come. Ever since moving south,

I’ve gone ‘home’ to my parents’ house for the holidays…only

missing the year my son was born (he’s a December baby).

It’s good to see family, for my children to reconnect with

their cousins and their grandparents. Most years, I make a

trifle for dessert and my mom makes turkey, perogies, sweet

and sour meatballs and countless other goodies. Some years

there’s a family poker night (Texas no limit hold ‘em). If I stay

for New Years, there’s oliebollen (apple fritter). It’s always fun!

“We started collecting Disney ornaments for our Christmas tree a few years ago. Every time we were in Disneyland Paris, we carefully selected some of the new releases and brought them home. Our collection grew quickly! Since two years, we have enough ornaments to decorate a “Disney-only” tree. It’s our very own Disney tradition.”

Tina: (Who is hiding her journaling... but a CUTE file to hide it in!)
Michelle? Who is Michelle? OH YEAH! Michelle is new to our design team! {wink} Be sure to visit Michelle's blog, and give a shout out!!! Michelle is a local girl, and "only" been scrapbooking just over a year! SHUT UP! She is a natural and I am thrilled to add her to the team!! (Translation-I know her in person, and she is willing to put p with me! LOL! )
To My Family, It means so much to me that we are together, even when times are tough. I've always hoped to have a family of my own, though I often thought it wouldn't happen. Now I have the 3 of us, and I really love our holiday photo tradition. It is the greatest gift that I receive, to have us together for these photos. I hope that someday in the future we can all look back and remember only the good times and the love. I hope that no matter how old we get or the miles that separate us, we will still get together for at least one holiday photo every year. Love Michele
And since we are bringing up the subject of new designers...

BREE!! Come on down!! OK, weird Price is Right moment there... Bree, is SUPER FUN and SUPER talented... and I am honored to add her to my team also!!

OK, so the journaling is sparce here... Go ahead, throw rotten fruit at me... I deserve it...
This is a picture of our "set-up" on Christmas morning...
One gift from Santa, unwrapped and ready... Santa is WAY too busy to wrap it all...
And two more from us... So each of my children get 3 gifts... if it was good enough for Jesus... :)
Sidenote: LOVIN' my I-top brad maker!!! Love to make me some big custom brads!! :)
Can't wait to see what you come up with!
I LOVE to hear about people's traditions!!!