Sunday, November 15, 2009

THIS was worth the wait!! (and I posted the date I said too!! WOW!

I promised you some inspiration!!

Mo knocks it out of the PARK with this one!!

Art of Being a Woman by Monica Powell
Bazzill cardstock, Graphic 45, Prima flowers, rhinestones, and felt alpha, staples, lace, Zig Writer, Stickles, Making Memories Alpha, velvet ribbon
Journalling reads,
Prince charmings, waiting for your door to be opened, the bend and snap, correct hairflip, folded laundry and sparkling floors, manicured nails, the perfect fragrance, little black dress, ironed sheets, the right shade of lipstick, girl scouts, an unforgettable smile, a coy glance and a gentle touch, lasagna and tacos, stilletto heels, therapist and nurse,
I could go on and on.
Hands down, there is art.
How fab to be be a member of such a fascinating and mysterious sex.
Women rule.
Learn it.
Use it!!

It is SO fabulous!! And the way she journaled... oh my goodness!! THIS is what I am talkin' about! This inspires me on so many levels!! Thanks Mo for this FABULOUS layout!!

Leisbeth shares some pages of a Halloween album... she is on the right track, telling the story, don't you think??
And Megan Klauer...
Never short on inspiration!

Title: These are the moments
Journaling: Chase loves to be tickled to sleep; it seems to put him into an instant trance. And yes, those are mommy's old pink slippers he snagged onto @ nana's.
Description: Although this layout doesn't show a ton of journaling, I wanted to show the importance of adding journaling to a page; whether it's a long story or simply just a few sentences. I always want to remember how my little guy loved to be tickled to sleep.

I have the BEST design team!!

And guess what??
I am adding to it!

That way everyone can have a break now and again, and you will all still have LOTS to inspire you each challenge!!

So keep those journaled pages coming!! Remember, it is open challenge month!
Just post a layout that tells a story. Period. What could be easier? Or more important? :)

See ya on the 1st (if not sooner)!!

Friday, November 13, 2009

The 15th...

...will be focusing on our "free for all" and more layouts by our designers...

Please hang in there with us as we cook up some inspiration!!

IN the meantime, submit those layouts that TELL A STORY!

Ya gotta have on laying around!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Let's pretend it is the first! :)

OK, so in honor of our purpose to begin with, we are leaving the challenge WIDE OPEN!

Submit a layout that you REALLY journaled... not just a one liner, but REALLY told the story!
That's it!

That is what we want you to do for this challenge!

The Story Matters getting on track-take three!

We are going back to every other week.

We will feature most alternating weeks, something highlighting JOURNALING.
Some will be easy, some maybe even be digital. We'll see.
Either way, we want to stay on task... telling the story.
So we are getting back on track... or trying.

Also, if you are interested in TSM Design Team, drop me an email at

I have a couple talented designers I refuse to let go, but instead have on break. :)

So I could use some extra help around here!! :)

Over the next couple of days, I will be adding designer layouts that feature journaling...

From me... This layout is a perfect example of why I want to tell my OWN stories. This layout was very raw... people that read it felt almost as if they were reading something TOO personal about me. (It was displayed at the store I work at... the layout focuses on the journaling, and no the photo. Adopting our daughter was the hardest thing I ever had to do, in ways I never would have guessed. Though I don't ever want her to be sad reading, I wanted to tell the story. I don't know at this exact moment where this layout is, so I can type out eh journaling. And I may not want to share it with the world of nternet anyway... but the point is, tell the story. I see this and I think to look up Psalms 62:2 again, and I am right back to when I wrote it AND I am also reminded how long I have COME from that moment in time.

So tell your story. The one that is the most benefited from it MIGHT just be you!

From Angela... (Did you know Angela was in Scrapbook Etc. just this last issue? You are sure to see Angela more and more! She is UBER talented!! :)
And not all that into tooting her own horn... so I will toot for her!! :)

Don't forget the sentiment, and the thoughts that float through your head when you see a picture. This on it 's own is a sweet picture, but how you felt and thought when you saw or took it is important...

"from a young age you had a very strong grip and Daddy's finger was your favorite anchor. I hope, baby Maia, that as you grow, live and learn, that you're never afraid to reach for your Father's hand. Dec 07"

OK, spread the word! Let's give it one more go!! Challenge blogs are droppin' like flies!
We could use a shot in the arm.
No matter where the industry goes, telling our stories is STILL very important!

No one I know, do I want your layouts to be discarded... tell the stories, so that the generations to come know who you were, what you felt, what was important to you, how you dealt, how you lived...