Thursday, January 28, 2010

Designers Announcment coming SOON!

We have some FABULOUS new additions to The Story Matters Team!

Like "knock your socks off" designers! The bomb!
You just won't believe it! :)

So stay tuned!

We are doing everything we can to prepare this kit club to be something SPECIAL!

So hang in there, and STAY TUNED!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Designer Sneaks!

The first of the "Authors" that our continuing at The Story Matters... (there are more that have stayed and many new added!)

The incredibly Talented Megan Klauer!
Megan has a distinct eclectic artistic style!
Full of incredible little details that make her layouts SO fabulous!
Be sure to go by her blog to see more The Story Matters Sneak Peek photos, and to say "Hi" and become a follower of her creativity!

Angela Ploegman's style is simple, balanced and well thought out.
In addition to her photos and journaling, she really knows how to make the product work so beautifully in every layouts she creates!
And don't forget to go by and say "Hi" to Angela also!!

And Myself... Penny Smith. Unwilling to toot my own horn, what I will tell you, is that I LOVE layering, trying new things, and I truly love this hobby. I started The Story Matters because I am SO passionate about the stories being told, not just the product being highlighted, or pictures merely being framed. I want to encourage everyone to TELL their story and USE their layouts to tell the generations that are yet to come, who we are, and what was important to US... our family, our pets, our jobs, our hobbies, our trials, our struggles, our experiences...
Our history-who we are. We are given this WONDERFUL opportunity to tell it in a BEAUTIFUL medium called scrapbooking! I just want to inspire to do just that! Tell it!
So come by my blog and tell ME you've been by! :) And all followers to my blog (and Megan's too for that matter!) are automatically entered in any RAK I have! So sign up!

As we come closer to the Kit Club launching, we are looking for a FABULOUS way to introduce our new design team members!!

So root us on, and MARK YOUR CALENDERS for February 5th CST!
When The Story Matters sells it first kits!

Because YOUR story matters!
Let our kits help make it all that easier to tell!!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Our VERY first Sneak Peek!!

I feel like there should be drums rolling!

We are SO excited!
So many WONDERFUL things lining up!

But in the meantime, PLEASE, keep filling out the survey!
(Previous post)
We have had SO many WONDERFUL ideas coming from the survey!!
I can't even tell you!!
FANTASTIC! You are making us think!
And that is a good thing!

As we mentioned, the kits will be available as limited editions until our website starts up.
We are working hard to incorporate any ideas you give us...
what's feasible, what's different/better/improved what can work...

First announcement...
Everyone signs up with a subscription. AND everyone gets the kits for the same price!!
AND you can cancel any month you want!
So you can sign up for the first kit, and wait until the sneak peek on the 15th, and if you don't like the next month, you cancel by the 20th.
If /When the first month sells out, you can pre-subscribe for the next kit...
It's that simple.
Being a subscriber means you are already signed up for a kit for the next month... if you cancel, and the next month sells out, ya might be out of luck! :)

Next announcement...
The Core Kit is ONLY $24.99... if you live locally, you can pick it up. If you need it shipped, we will ship for a fixed shipping and handling fee (to be announced.)
So your kit will be delivered to your door for the same price most kits sell for BEFORE shippping!
Save a little green!!

QUESTION: For $24.99, do you want cardstock included, or would you rather more printed, and have a cardstock "add-on"?
Cardstock is included in the first kit. But we are even rethinking that!
That is what these kits are for-input and interest!!

Kits will be available first come, first serve on February 5th at 10am CST via a link on this blog!

So without further delay...
Let's do some name dropping, shall we???
Tim Holtz, Jenni Bowlin, My Mind's Eye, Graphic 45, Imaginisce, Making Memories, American Crafts... Bazzill...THREE yards of ribbon... CUSTOM Buttons... Ephemera (Vintage Mother Goose page)...

And from our designers: Expect at least one example from each designer to have instructions or a sketch...
Technique's... We aren't going to just USE the Tim Holtz Distress powders, we are going to help YOU use it too!

Welcome to your introductory kit!!

February kits will include NEW CHA product, and March's kit, will be most if not all newly released products! YAY!

So mark your calendar for February 5th!!

There's a new kit in town!!
And we're takin' names!! :)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Kit Clubs-Take Survey and ANOTHER chance to WIN!

OK, so I'm shameless...
Yes, we will give away a prize for you to fill out this survey about what YOU like and don't like about kit clubs!

How about another I-Top??
I mean, you all were VERY enthusiastic about it...
And if you OWN the I-Top, we will provide you with an accessory of choice... LOTS of brad daddies or magnets, or one of the three fabulous punches-we'll take care of you...

Something for everyone!!

OK, here goes (be sure to pass it on to your friends)

1-Are you subscribed to a kit club? If not, why? If you are, how many?

2-What is most important to you? (you can choose more than one, just put them in order!)
*Feel free to add notes!!
a) products in kit
b) offerings other than "main kit" (project kits, products used by designers, etc.)
c) online community
d) designer (design team) examples/involvement/interaction
e) contests, challenges and blog activity

3-If you could change one thing about a kit club your in.... or what change would make you want to join?

4-How important is price to you? What comes to your mind first when talking about kit clubs and price?

5-What do you want to see in a Design Team? Published, more "artsey", newcomers...

6-There are a TON of kit clubs out there, right... so what draws you to the ones you have subscribed to or are considering?

SO... ya wonderin' why all the questions?
Bet ya could NEVER figure it out. (yeah, right)

The Story Matters name and concept (that YOUR story matters) is being taken over by a store (The LARGEST scrapbooking store in Eastern Iowa, with almost 4000 square feet, that has been going strong for over 4 years!) that would like to launch a kit club. But not just ANY kit club with the same offerings, and the same price... oh no...

We want YOUR input!!

We want to know what will interest you, bring you to the web, involve you in a community, keep your interest... we have some FABULOUS ideas on our own, but it wouldn't be complete without YOUR input!!

We are making some changes, some designers will change, some will stay...
The kits will be available on a limited edition basis the first ~3 months while we cater a website to YOUR needs!

So this is your chance to make this YOUR kit club...

WHAT do YOU need to tell your story THAT much easier!!

Tell us!

We're listening!!

Watch for the VERY limited addition kit to be available February 5th!!!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Would you like a winner??

For all your comments!!
What a fantastic showing!

Goes to show just how many of you don't have, but would like a I-Top!!

So using the Random Number Generator:
180 38
And entry number 38 is...
Blogger Tinker and JingeBear's Mom said...

The story matters, period. And sometimes, to tell that story well, you need to customize your embellishments to match the story. I would love to have an I-top so I can include pieces of fabric from clothing I've sewn. It's more than just the photo of an outfit - it's remembering the texture, the color, the detail. Thanks so much for a chance to win one!

Drop me an email ( so I can get that shipped out to you!

Check back SOON! We have a HUGE announcement AND another chance to WIN!!

Monday, January 4, 2010


How do we make this not only WORK...
...but turn it into something FABULOUS??

Well, we have some things a brewin'!!

So stay tuned!!!

In the meantime...

How about a RAK!!!

Let me know that even though we have slacked here and there, that you are out there...

THANK YOU in advanced, for your loyalty and interest!!

We'll be back, because scrapbooking matters... BECAUSE The Story Matters...
YOUR stories matter!!

So the RAK...
Let's get your attention!
The Imaginisce I-Top!!!!

That's right! It's my FAVORITE tool right now!! LOVE it!!Made that fabulous large printed brad for this layout with the I-Top!!!

So comment for a chance to WIN!!!!
(You have until the 10th to enter!!)