Wednesday, April 15, 2009

New Design Team Members REVEALED!

In no particular order, just so ya know! :)

I am excited to announce FIVE new designers to our line-up!

Each one has their own style, and each one if excited about the challenges!

So please, a warm welcome to:
(To check out the other design teams and fabulous things they are doing, be sure to check out their blogs!)

From: The Netherlands!
Visit her on the web:
She is uber talented, and her style is her own... and FUN!

From: The Midwest! :)
Her happenings:
I think you will love her simple yet well balanced style! She comes up with things all the time that I just think-duh! That's PERFECT! :)

From The Midwest too!
She has yet to "give up" her blog address! I think we can take what she can dish out...
I'll get it out of her! Just you wait! :)
Monica has a whimsical style that takes the average product and makes it extraordinary! She is FULL of wonderful ideas!

From: The Netherlands!
Check out her world here:
I think you will just LOVE her style! I certainly do! TALENTED!

Megan Klauer:
From: Illinois! (OK-she's from the midwest too! LOL!)
This girl will blow you AWAY with her style!!
See her here:

OK, so what are the chances? Two from the Netherlands and three from the Midwest!

But there ya have it!

ALSO, I wanted to add... anyone that can't STAND just one challenge a month from this blog? Well, do a layout using the tip or technique! We would be happy to highlight these layouts also!
OR combine the challenge with the tip or technique! Two-fer!

Either way, we want to keep you challenged!
That is the point! Give you prompts to help you tell your story, AND as a bonus you might just try something new!

So for a little bonus technique!
Perfect Pearls masking.
I (Penny) am Ranger Certified, and yet there are times I have a hard time using the techniques I have learned at Ranger in my layouts... my challenge to MYSELF is to find new ways to have these techniques match MY style, not the other way around. I love tattered and distressed, but I don't usually make things dark and brown and distressed... But that is OK... I can use these fabulous products on my layouts too!

For this layout I took the Amy Butler butterfly Die cuts-the "template" that was left, I used it as a mask. (Throw away NOTHING! :) )
I hadn't used all the butterflies-so I just bagged the die-cuts and empty it was. :)
To use perfect pearls you need Perfect Pearls (I know-master of the obvious) Pearls brushes-the thin brush for application and the "puffy" brush to "dust" off the colored result and of course the Perfect Medium.
One of these sets are PERFECT for getting started! You get 4 complimentary Pearls colors, a small medium (works on large stamps too though) and the two brushes you need. :)
I applies Medium through the "Mask" then dusted on the pearls (Berry Twist) with the smaller of the two brushes.
You can use multiple pearls colors too, just dip your brush in various color and "paint" them on where you want them.

Then I brushed off all the excess pearls with the larger brush, and this is the result!
To make Pearls permanent, a LIGHT dusting from the Mini-mister (of H2O) will do the trick!

And the layout as a whole...
They add just that something I wanted to the page! :)

If you have Pearls, let's see you do somethin' with them!
The technique seen most commonly is to stamp the medium, then color the image with various Perfect Pearls. That is fun too!

And remember! Challenges are due April 25th!! :)

Monday, April 13, 2009

It's almost the 15th!!!

In the coming months, the 15th will mean a tip or technique from the months Author...
but THIS 15th, we are going to introduce the new members of the DT!! YAY!
And I might just throw in a little tip too! :)

So come back to take a peek!

AND there is still time, (LOTS of time) to get your challenge in!!

See below!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


In my best horror film impersonation.
Honestly though-I can't watch horror flicks!
Can't STAND the suspense!!

Suspense... is OVER!
We're back with a whole new format!!

I (Penny) can't and SHOULDN'T be the "creator of all challenges" any more!!

But really, I loved creating the last months challenges... but once we got behind, we were BEHIND!

This month, is officially my last for several months to come-beCAUSE, each of The Story Matters Authors will create a challenge, and it will launch on the 1st!! THEN on the 15th of the month-they will present a technique, tip... or tell ya a story! But regardless, you will get to hear from each one!
Each challenge will be DUE from submitters on the 25th of each month... SO that we can announce a WINNER on the 1st!!

There will be TWO winners each month-one that is drawn, and ONE that is the most creative amongst submissions... meaning (you might ask) TELLING YOUR STORY is important, so is being creative with your supplies... trying something different... or just taking our breath away in some of many ways! :)
EACH submission will be presented in our monthly slide show!
AND I am back to hunting for sponsors for each challenge so we have PRIZES consistently again!

Scrapbooking is good again, when there are PRIZES! :)

OK girls... if you have ANY questions, comment! I'll try to answer all!
ALSO, I am casually looking for new Authors for out DT-so drop me an email ( if you are interested! But be willing to write/type something! I want The Story Matters to be about telling your story as MUCH as possible! (Even I get lazy there sometimes!!)

Without further delay...

"What did you want to be when you grew up" OR "What DO you you want to be" OR you can submit a layout about your child regarding this subject!

That's it!
But don't you remember finding out about some UBER cool career when you were a kid and thinking, I can do THAT?? I did!

Before I present our Guest Designer, I would like to introduce Megan Klauer! She is UBER (love that word) talented, and I have had the privileged of meeting her in person, and let me tell you, she is VERY sweet too! And FUNNY! And a talented scrapper and photographer!

So round of applause for Megan!! {cheering} :)

AND we have a SUPERSTAR designer this month as our Guest Designer!! The SUPER talented SUPER popular, SUPER star (well, jet's just say she's SUPER!) Cindy Tobey!
I am pretty sure there isn't a scrapbooking publication she HASN'T been in, and rightfully so! She is wonderfully talented!
I can't imagine you have not seen Cindy's work! It's everywhere! She is a Hall of Fame winner, and just plain NICE! (And patient too, I might add! {wink})
Check out her blog and be linked to her galleries! SUCH inspiration!!

SO... from our designers:
Cindy (GD):
Journaling: Chase~ As I took this picture of you playin' "doctor" I found myself wondering what you will grow up to be. Whatever it may be, I hope you remember to dream big baby!

Theresa: {Which, I have to sadly announce is stepping down. :( She WILL be missed!)

OK ladies!! We'll see ya on the 15th!
REMEMBER! Add yourself as a follower, and you could WIN!
(Doin' something special on my blog too!)

And get those layouts to us by the 25th! PLENTY of time! :)