Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Let's Break for the Holiday's Shall We??

Merry Christmas
Or whatever you celebrate...

May it be merry, joyful, and SAFE!!!

See ya in the New Year!!

Happy Creating!

OH, and for some ADDED inspiration, I wanted to show you this GREAT submissions to our
"Traditions" challenge!! Click on the layout, to visit their blogs!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Let's Just Pretend it is the 1st...

The Story Matters is dear enough to my heart, AND I still think it is MEGA, UBER, REALLY (you get the idea) important, to tell our stories... REALLY tell them!

To those ends, we are continuing with this blog site, hanging on through the declining interest of scrapbookers to challenge sites, because it IS important... and no matter what the products of the moment, or the photographic style... telling our story is so much more important than JUST making a cute page... which, of course, I am guilty of... but I HAVE gone back and evenif I don't/didn't journal on my page, I have now taken the time to say more on the back-if nothing else...
I don't want these stories and feelings lost... because we ARE human, and these stories are what is going to make my pages stay in the family with interest... That's my hope... for your pages also...

We WILL be doing a challenge every two weeks...
We WILL give away a prize whenever we can...
If you can sponsor, or know someone how is willing, let me know!!

OK, our challenge...

Traditions... do you have any? Childhood, recently started, or intended...
Scrap them. Who started it, who gave you the idea, why is it important to you??
Thanksgiving, Christmas, just cuz...

It's that open... :)


(Submit your LO's to our comments section by the 15th... I will post them the same day as the new challenge!!)

From our Authors:

HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS…this is a tradition

I intend to keep, for years to come. Ever since moving south,

I’ve gone ‘home’ to my parents’ house for the holidays…only

missing the year my son was born (he’s a December baby).

It’s good to see family, for my children to reconnect with

their cousins and their grandparents. Most years, I make a

trifle for dessert and my mom makes turkey, perogies, sweet

and sour meatballs and countless other goodies. Some years

there’s a family poker night (Texas no limit hold ‘em). If I stay

for New Years, there’s oliebollen (apple fritter). It’s always fun!

“We started collecting Disney ornaments for our Christmas tree a few years ago. Every time we were in Disneyland Paris, we carefully selected some of the new releases and brought them home. Our collection grew quickly! Since two years, we have enough ornaments to decorate a “Disney-only” tree. It’s our very own Disney tradition.”

Tina: (Who is hiding her journaling... but a CUTE file to hide it in!)
Michelle? Who is Michelle? OH YEAH! Michelle is new to our design team! {wink} Be sure to visit Michelle's blog, and give a shout out!!! Michelle is a local girl, and "only" been scrapbooking just over a year! SHUT UP! She is a natural and I am thrilled to add her to the team!! (Translation-I know her in person, and she is willing to put p with me! LOL! )
To My Family, It means so much to me that we are together, even when times are tough. I've always hoped to have a family of my own, though I often thought it wouldn't happen. Now I have the 3 of us, and I really love our holiday photo tradition. It is the greatest gift that I receive, to have us together for these photos. I hope that someday in the future we can all look back and remember only the good times and the love. I hope that no matter how old we get or the miles that separate us, we will still get together for at least one holiday photo every year. Love Michele
And since we are bringing up the subject of new designers...

BREE!! Come on down!! OK, weird Price is Right moment there... Bree, is SUPER FUN and SUPER talented... and I am honored to add her to my team also!!

OK, so the journaling is sparce here... Go ahead, throw rotten fruit at me... I deserve it...
This is a picture of our "set-up" on Christmas morning...
One gift from Santa, unwrapped and ready... Santa is WAY too busy to wrap it all...
And two more from us... So each of my children get 3 gifts... if it was good enough for Jesus... :)
Sidenote: LOVIN' my I-top brad maker!!! Love to make me some big custom brads!! :)
Can't wait to see what you come up with!
I LOVE to hear about people's traditions!!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

THIS was worth the wait!! (and I posted the date I said too!! WOW!

I promised you some inspiration!!

Mo knocks it out of the PARK with this one!!

Art of Being a Woman by Monica Powell
Bazzill cardstock, Graphic 45, Prima flowers, rhinestones, and felt alpha, staples, lace, Zig Writer, Stickles, Making Memories Alpha, velvet ribbon
Journalling reads,
Prince charmings, waiting for your door to be opened, the bend and snap, correct hairflip, folded laundry and sparkling floors, manicured nails, the perfect fragrance, little black dress, ironed sheets, the right shade of lipstick, girl scouts, an unforgettable smile, a coy glance and a gentle touch, lasagna and tacos, stilletto heels, therapist and nurse,
I could go on and on.
Hands down, there is art.
How fab to be be a member of such a fascinating and mysterious sex.
Women rule.
Learn it.
Use it!!

It is SO fabulous!! And the way she journaled... oh my goodness!! THIS is what I am talkin' about! This inspires me on so many levels!! Thanks Mo for this FABULOUS layout!!

Leisbeth shares some pages of a Halloween album... she is on the right track, telling the story, don't you think??
And Megan Klauer...
Never short on inspiration!

Title: These are the moments
Journaling: Chase loves to be tickled to sleep; it seems to put him into an instant trance. And yes, those are mommy's old pink slippers he snagged onto @ nana's.
Description: Although this layout doesn't show a ton of journaling, I wanted to show the importance of adding journaling to a page; whether it's a long story or simply just a few sentences. I always want to remember how my little guy loved to be tickled to sleep.

I have the BEST design team!!

And guess what??
I am adding to it!

That way everyone can have a break now and again, and you will all still have LOTS to inspire you each challenge!!

So keep those journaled pages coming!! Remember, it is open challenge month!
Just post a layout that tells a story. Period. What could be easier? Or more important? :)

See ya on the 1st (if not sooner)!!

Friday, November 13, 2009

The 15th...

...will be focusing on our "free for all" and more layouts by our designers...

Please hang in there with us as we cook up some inspiration!!

IN the meantime, submit those layouts that TELL A STORY!

Ya gotta have on laying around!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Let's pretend it is the first! :)

OK, so in honor of our purpose to begin with, we are leaving the challenge WIDE OPEN!

Submit a layout that you REALLY journaled... not just a one liner, but REALLY told the story!
That's it!

That is what we want you to do for this challenge!

The Story Matters getting on track-take three!

We are going back to every other week.

We will feature most alternating weeks, something highlighting JOURNALING.
Some will be easy, some maybe even be digital. We'll see.
Either way, we want to stay on task... telling the story.
So we are getting back on track... or trying.

Also, if you are interested in TSM Design Team, drop me an email at

I have a couple talented designers I refuse to let go, but instead have on break. :)

So I could use some extra help around here!! :)

Over the next couple of days, I will be adding designer layouts that feature journaling...

From me... This layout is a perfect example of why I want to tell my OWN stories. This layout was very raw... people that read it felt almost as if they were reading something TOO personal about me. (It was displayed at the store I work at... the layout focuses on the journaling, and no the photo. Adopting our daughter was the hardest thing I ever had to do, in ways I never would have guessed. Though I don't ever want her to be sad reading, I wanted to tell the story. I don't know at this exact moment where this layout is, so I can type out eh journaling. And I may not want to share it with the world of nternet anyway... but the point is, tell the story. I see this and I think to look up Psalms 62:2 again, and I am right back to when I wrote it AND I am also reminded how long I have COME from that moment in time.

So tell your story. The one that is the most benefited from it MIGHT just be you!

From Angela... (Did you know Angela was in Scrapbook Etc. just this last issue? You are sure to see Angela more and more! She is UBER talented!! :)
And not all that into tooting her own horn... so I will toot for her!! :)

Don't forget the sentiment, and the thoughts that float through your head when you see a picture. This on it 's own is a sweet picture, but how you felt and thought when you saw or took it is important...

"from a young age you had a very strong grip and Daddy's finger was your favorite anchor. I hope, baby Maia, that as you grow, live and learn, that you're never afraid to reach for your Father's hand. Dec 07"

OK, spread the word! Let's give it one more go!! Challenge blogs are droppin' like flies!
We could use a shot in the arm.
No matter where the industry goes, telling our stories is STILL very important!

No one I know, do I want your layouts to be discarded... tell the stories, so that the generations to come know who you were, what you felt, what was important to you, how you dealt, how you lived...

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Penny here! :)
OK, so this isn't working. But I don't want to throw in the towel just yet.

I still feel that tel
ling your story, whatever that story is, is important. I has been almost a year and 1/2 since TSM's start. I still think journaling your story, whether in conjunction with the pretty designed layout or on it's own with a smear of paint, is important.

Stats are good.
A story is better.

So we are going to revamp a bit.
While we figure out who will be present, who is on break, and what the schedule will be, we will still present a "challenge" on the 1st... THIS will be the "easiest" of all challenges! I promise. And it will have a prize this time too!

So come back on the 1st... we might have a new look. We might not. :)
We WILL be doing things differently. That I do plan.

Bring a friend. Grab a latte. Tell your story!

"Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart."
-William Wordsworth

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Oh how time flies!

I didn't forget you!! I promise!

Before we have a technique in a couple days, I just BETTER announce a winner!!!

Thank you those who submitted!

So using the random number generator, I then found that though I figured out that our winner is local, I DON'T know what your FIRST name is!!

...come on down! (Or leave a comment, and Angela will take care of you!!)

Here are the fabulous submissions!!

Fabulous inspiration!! Thanks for sharing your stories with us!!!

And come back Oct. 15th for more inspiration!!

Friday, October 2, 2009


Isn’t it amazing how topics from the news can have impact on people’s lives? My challenge for you this month is:


That could be something from a way back, and how it influenced you. Or, that you still exactly know where you were and what you did while it happened.
It could also be something more recent, something that annoys you or something that totally surprised you. Or something that has a special meaning to you.

Some ideas to get you started:
  • The inauguration of a new President
  • A certain date when something significant happened, like 9/11
  • Weather disaster – how did it impact you and/or your family or loved ones
  • Politics, like the campaigns the parties are running for the election
  • Moviestars or popstars in the news, like the passing of Michael Jackson
  • Random events, like the birth of Nadya Suleman’s octuplets
  • Or something closer to home, like a charity event at the school of your children.
News doesn’t always have to be global to make impact! Once you start thinking about it, the ideas are almost endless.

Here’s my take:

Journaling reads:

I was in Disneyland Paris with a few of my friends when Michelle got a call.
It was her sister, telling her that the Twin Towers in New York were attacked by terrorists.
We thought it was a bad joke.
Disneyland is not the place where world news is a priority.
A few minutes later, Claudia received a text message from her boy friend, telling her the same thing.
We STILL thought it was a bad joke.
We noticed nothing different in the park.
Disneyland is a totally different world, away from everything.
It wasn’t until later that evening, when we were in our hotel room, that we realized it wasn’t a bad joke.
It was real.
And the world changed forever.


Journaling reads:

In the summer of 2008, I got to revisit the area in Minneapolis that I had lived in for a year. The trip was a year after the I35 bridge collapsed and I was reminded how many times I had crossed this bridge in 2002-2003, about 1/2 of those times when I was pregnant with my son...I worked downtown and lived across the river. It was a great year and I'd go back in a minute...just glad I missed the disaster and feel incredible sorrow for those whose lives were lost.


Her layout contains meaningful excerpts from the Inaugural speech of President Barack Obama, which was a significant day in her own personal biography.

I hope you play along this round! Please post the link to your creations in the comments of this blog post and win a beautiful prize!This challenge is due October 31st, 2009.

I’m looking forward to seeing your creations!


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Technique Time...

Hi all! Angela here with a technique/project to share...and since I really am 'project girl' (love how that name makes me sound like a superhero!), I thought I'd share a technique heavy project this month.

I created these paper strip pumpkins last year and was hounded for directions....even made one large and one small out of double sided blue winter paper and stacked them to make a snowman...have fun! And don't forget to post a link to your 'daily ritual' layout in the previous post by month's end to be eligible for a goodie box from MOI!! Toodles!

Making Paper Pumpkins
Angela Ploegman

1. Gather your supplies—you’ll need patterned paper (doublesided is best), a paper cutter, and ultra tacky adhesive—I’m using a single sided winter paper in an attempt to make the photos more clear—they’re obviously not fall papers!

2. Cut the following sections from the paper…you can vary the lengths to make taller, thinner or shorter, fatter pumpkins:
Pumpkin Core:
¨ 3 x 4 inch
Pumpkin Layers:
¨ 3 x 6 inch
¨ 3 1/8 x 4 inch
¨ 3 ¼ x 3 inch

3. Apply an ultra sticky adhesive (I use the Terrifically Tacky Tape by ProvoCraft) to the 4 inch edge of the 3 x 4 inch paper rectangle. Roll into an open ended cylinder with a 3 inch diameter.

4. On each of the Pumpkin Layers, slice the paper lengthwise (widthwise on the 3 ¼ x 3 inch section) from one end to ½ inch from the other end—DO NOT CUT THE PAPER INTO STRIPS. Repeat the cuts every ¼ to ½ inch as desired. Apply an ultra tacky adhesive to the uncut end of the paper across the entire width.

5. Starting with the longest strip section of paper, apply the cut strips to the top of the cylinder created in #3 above—strips should extend above (or below, depending your perspective) the cylinder.

6. Layer the next largest section of strips directly on-top of the previous section, if your strips are cut wide, I try and stagger the strips from layer to layer. Repeat with the final section of strips.

7. Now apply adhesive directly to the pumpkin core cylinder, below the layers of paper strips.

8. Bend the shortest strips almost into a circle, sticking the inside face (when strips were extended and straight) onto the adhesive. Repeat for all strips in the shortest section.

9. Apply a second ring of adhesive further down the pumpkin core cylinder. Repeat the bending and sticking process for the second shortest set of strips.
10. Apply a ring of adhesive to the inside edge of the pumpkin core cylinder bottom.
11. Bend the longest strips as you did previous layers, but adhere to the INSIDE of the pumpkin core.

12. ‘Fluff’ the pumpkin as desired to even out the shape. Embellish as desired.

Have an AWESOME fall ladies!! See you next month!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

September Challenge...Daily Rituals

Hello ladies!! This is Angela with September's Challenge--Daily Rituals. This month I'm challenging you to document something you do most every day...whether it's a morning cup of coffee with the paper, meditation, exercise, prayer or work, ugh...pick something regular, ordinary even, and record it with words and pictures.

Also, since I don't like to talk about myself, I invited a guest to contribute a inspirational layout for this month's challenge, so I could talk about her instead! The guest contributor is none other than Jing-Jing Nickel...she has such a great humorous journaling style and she does such a great job at documenting the everyday things (think muffin top), she was the perfect fit. She's also an awesome designer for the likes of Prism Card stock, Graphic 45, Purple Cows, Scrapbook Obsessions and Color Combos Galore...phew, now there's a DT list!!! Oh yeah and she's published too...most recently in an upcoming issue of Creating other words, SHE ROCKS!!! Thanks for contributing this month Jing-Jing!!

I had such fun with this month's challenge, I hope you'll play along...(I have prizes)...a Reminisce/Xyron goodie box will be awarded after the month ends to a random participant...hope to see your layouts soon!! Cheers. AGP

Now for the INSPIRATION...


Journaling: "I almost had your haircut in Shanghai two days before we left for home. Now I am so glad that my indecision won out. I couldn’t part with the curls. Then I couldn’t part with the nearly-blonde streaks in your hair next to your left ear. I admire it every time I see it shining in the light. Now as a part of our daily routine, I do your hair in the morning. As we put it: “妈妈帮你帮你梳辫子.“ I never could have imagined that I would enjoy making ponies and piggies so much. I am so far from a girly girl and yet I want to doll you up in every way I can. I try all kinds of variations: a side pony on your forehead, then two piggies on the back; two little piggies on your head and let the rest of the hair free flow; two little piggies and then a pony behind your head, so on and so forth. This ritual has something indescribably satisfying to me. It gives me a daily chance to enjoy your hair, prettify you and at the same time functionalize your hair so you can play and not worry about it in your eyes and face! I feel like I’ve done some mothering before I head out the door to work. I really love your hair, so I’m glad that I have the daily and sometimes several-times-daily opportunity to play with it."


Journaling: "I’ve gone from buying 3 apples a week and watching them go bad on my counter to buying a dozen and running out in the middle of the week! Both Devon and Maia have become APPLE MONSTERS and couldn’t be happier that their mother has obliged their recent fondess of this shiny red fruit. An apple a day definitely keeps my kiddos happy!
July 2009"


Journaling: "Taking better care of myself includes losing some weight & getting in motion more! I want to get rid of my high blood pressure meds. I’m too young for those and the dr. says that improving my life style will be a step in the good direction for me. I want to implement early morning walks in my routine. These are not in my system right now but I hope that in a few these walks will be part of my daily rituals. They say that regular exercise gets addicting over time and I can’t wait for that to happen. A new me – time for new rituals!"



Journaling: "I haven't the slightest clue what the obession with this "construction" spoon is, but it has caused more daily battles that anything in our morning ritual. For a while, the rule was whoever got out of bed first & got dressed on their own, got to have it. Now, if it's not dirty in the dishwasher or the other person didn't hide it the night before, it's first come, first serve. It's always a battle & always interesting. "


Journalling: "Daren's daily ritual & must have every morning when he wakes up? MILK!! He's gotta have his milk before the start of his brand new day, everyday! This has been since he was born!"

Thanks everyone...check back mid month for a technique...from me!!


OK, Penny here! AHHHHHHHHHH!!

HOW did I miss highlighting July's AWESOME creations!?!?!

For the love of scrapbooking!!

Here is the July winner: (Remember, entering a LO is entering! And we DRAW to win!)


But these LO's are NOT to be missed!!!

See ya on the 15th!!

Go forth and CREATE! :)

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Challenge Time! 10 of your favorite things....

Hi all. My name is Monica AKA Mo, and I too and am new to the team. First of all I want to say.. wow. Everyone involved here is uber-talented and I am flattered to be in ya'lls company! I am a wife and mother to 2 crazy, beautiful kids..Bella who is seven and Cadyn, two..almost three. I do quite a few things in my life besides manage households...I work part-time at Scrapaganza with Penny, I am a part-time nurse at an urgent care, and am an assistant wedding photographer. (that made me tired...whew..) My style is what i call garbage style. Its not uncommon for me to leave a LO on my table for days at a time, and i will constantlly walk by it and add or change something. I am messy, and I suppose collage-like? Much like my personlaity..My pages and self.. we are all over the map... no rules, no boundry.. just free flow ...Mo-love..
So, this month I chose to highlight 10 of our most favorite things... for the moment. How fun, you can take it any way you want... Check out what the girls did... (can I say, what a fab group of diverse and mixed talents are on this team...) just. WOW.

Ten of my favorite things, 2009 ed.

My family--husband, children, brothers, sister, parents, grandmothers, aunts, uncles, nieces and nephews...Even when times are tough, I LOVE my family! my friends--neighbors, coworkers, highschool, college and scrapping buds...every one has a place in my heart, I LOVE my friends! my fun hobbies-- scrapbooking, card-making, cropping, cooking, teaching, talking, walking, laughing and drinking coffee, it will be great to retire and fill my days with these activities, I LOVE my fun hobbies! I LOVE FRIDAYS--need I say more???



My top 10 fav. things in the life of raising our 2 boys
Supplies: Kraft cardstock, Sassafras paper, October Afternoon rub-ons & label stickers, My Little Yellow Bicycle clear word sticker, Thickers by American Crafts, Making Memories...DoodleBug...and Sassafras letter stickers, Autumn Leaves stamp, Stampin' Up! ink, American Crafts precision pen, Maya Road chipboard {boy traced}, Maya Mist, and Xyron adhesive.
1} Even though @ this age you guys bicker & pick at each other, you still look out for one another - I hope that never changes!
2} You're both still willing to give hugs & hold my hand in public - I know 4 & 6 will to soon be 14 & 16. ...Cherish each day...
3} I love that you guys are perfectly content with playing in your sandbox for hours @ a time! Your fav. place!
4} You both keep me on my toes and make me laugh everyday! You love to see how often you can scare me!
5} Boys are so low maintenance when it comes to getting ready. No bows or curls, just the occasional mohawk!
6} It's so much fun when we get to go for a quick 4-wheeler ride around the c.r.p. to check the deer camera or just watch you guys create @ my craft table.
7} You boys are great at entertaining yourselves...I very rarely here "I'm bored" as long as you're outdoors.
8} Your wordrobe is simple...a pair of blue jeans & a tshirt or tanktop...but always your cowboy boots! We go through lots of those!
9} You're both getting better @ stopping & posing for a picture for mommy. Chase is finally starting to grow out of the "run from the camera" stage.
10} And, my fav. thing about raising you boys is knowing how blessed we are.


Things that make me happy:
1) All time favs - Family
2) Hugs & cuddles!!
3) All time favourite clothing brand - DorothyPerkins
4) Love 'em bags!! - COACH
5) Starbucks - What do you know? I {HEART} their i) Cafe Mocha ii) Iced Signature Chocolate
6) Blings, more blings
7) La Senza - Love their PJs & their lingerie! Sooo Comfy!
8) Scrapping of coz!
9) Louis Vuitton - Love the classic monogram Speedy 30!
10) Flowers!! Love them!!
Thanks ya'll and good luck wth the challenge!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Last days Ladies...

To get your challenge posted to our comments!!
"Inner Motivation"

I am ALWAYS in awe some what you submit, and wanted to remind you that the deadline is coming... The month is coming to a close!!

What do you think?
Is one challenge and one tutorial a month to infrequent by us at The Story Matters to keep you interested??

Comment, and I will dig up a RAK! How about some AMERICAN CRAFTS goodness? If you are international, we will come up with something NOT shopped! :)

Saturday, July 4, 2009

and the june winner is...

First of all, we'd like to thank each of the gals who took the challenge! It was so fun to see each of your blogs and galleries! Here are all the great entries...

The winner is... MICA!!! is what you've won!!!

Please send your addy to meganklauer{at}yahoo{dot}com and I'll get your goodies to you asap!

Don't forget to check out the below post to see the July challenge and a chance to win a great prize from Sasha!