Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Technique Time...

Hi all! Angela here with a technique/project to share...and since I really am 'project girl' (love how that name makes me sound like a superhero!), I thought I'd share a technique heavy project this month.

I created these paper strip pumpkins last year and was hounded for directions....even made one large and one small out of double sided blue winter paper and stacked them to make a snowman...have fun! And don't forget to post a link to your 'daily ritual' layout in the previous post by month's end to be eligible for a goodie box from MOI!! Toodles!

Making Paper Pumpkins
Angela Ploegman

1. Gather your supplies—you’ll need patterned paper (doublesided is best), a paper cutter, and ultra tacky adhesive—I’m using a single sided winter paper in an attempt to make the photos more clear—they’re obviously not fall papers!

2. Cut the following sections from the paper…you can vary the lengths to make taller, thinner or shorter, fatter pumpkins:
Pumpkin Core:
¨ 3 x 4 inch
Pumpkin Layers:
¨ 3 x 6 inch
¨ 3 1/8 x 4 inch
¨ 3 ¼ x 3 inch

3. Apply an ultra sticky adhesive (I use the Terrifically Tacky Tape by ProvoCraft) to the 4 inch edge of the 3 x 4 inch paper rectangle. Roll into an open ended cylinder with a 3 inch diameter.

4. On each of the Pumpkin Layers, slice the paper lengthwise (widthwise on the 3 ¼ x 3 inch section) from one end to ½ inch from the other end—DO NOT CUT THE PAPER INTO STRIPS. Repeat the cuts every ¼ to ½ inch as desired. Apply an ultra tacky adhesive to the uncut end of the paper across the entire width.

5. Starting with the longest strip section of paper, apply the cut strips to the top of the cylinder created in #3 above—strips should extend above (or below, depending your perspective) the cylinder.

6. Layer the next largest section of strips directly on-top of the previous section, if your strips are cut wide, I try and stagger the strips from layer to layer. Repeat with the final section of strips.

7. Now apply adhesive directly to the pumpkin core cylinder, below the layers of paper strips.

8. Bend the shortest strips almost into a circle, sticking the inside face (when strips were extended and straight) onto the adhesive. Repeat for all strips in the shortest section.

9. Apply a second ring of adhesive further down the pumpkin core cylinder. Repeat the bending and sticking process for the second shortest set of strips.
10. Apply a ring of adhesive to the inside edge of the pumpkin core cylinder bottom.
11. Bend the longest strips as you did previous layers, but adhere to the INSIDE of the pumpkin core.

12. ‘Fluff’ the pumpkin as desired to even out the shape. Embellish as desired.

Have an AWESOME fall ladies!! See you next month!