Saturday, November 29, 2008

Wait for it... :)

Challenge coming SOON... I swear! :)

Friday, November 28, 2008

I am thankful for...

...time to get things done!!

Sorry folks! Despite my goal to stay ON TRACK, we're runnin' a bit behind!

Come & check back tomorrow for the current challenge-but in the meantime:
The winner!!! :) Deana!!

OK, I know-I let her being late slide... but let's face it-I am not one to point a finger at being late! :)
And here is the other AWESOME layouts of inspiration!!! (OK, I know the snowman is corny, but I couldn't help it! I am in a winter kinda mood!)

Gigi Kennedy is our AWESOME guest designer! She was she has done, and get to know her just a bit come tomorrow!!

See ya then!

And tell a friend!! :)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Masters of the Obvious! :)

OK, so I am SURE we are not the only ones doing this type of challenge! :)

But that is OK!

EVERYONE that enters in this challenge, in addition to the traditional win, will be entered for a RAK drawing!! Yes siree Bob!! :)

OK, on with the challenge!!


What are you thankful for?
What does being thankful mean to you??
Go with it...
If this isn't making it easy, I don't know what would.

Unlike my own example {wink} I would like to encourage you to WRITE!!
Remember, I want to ALWAYS encourage you to tell your story!!!
Don't get out of the habit!
Your children will not remember that the spiderman costume in that picture, you wore nothing else for a month... or that your wearing the hat that you mom use to wear.... or the story of your crazy Aunt Marty-just a hoot, but family storyteller she truly is!
YOUR stories matter. TELL THEM! :)

OK, on the subject of thankful...
Andrea Wiebe has GRACIOUSLY agreed to be our guest designer!
Andrea is a Scrap In Style Fashionista. Has been from the start!
She is a WONDERFUL talent, and a SWEET lady! She has been published several times, and it is not surprising with her sweet style! She is a wonder with a needle and thread on her layouts! VERY inspirational!!
THANK you Andrea!!
We are thankful for YOU!
And from our ever faithful designers:

Tina: Penny: Inspired by a layout seen on the Sassafrass Lass blog-here is my version. :)
1- My Family
2- Healthy Kids
3- Loving Mom
4- Wonderful Dad
5- Amazing Sisters
6- Fun Friends
7- Old Traditions
8- New Beginnings

Have them in by November 23rd midnight!!
Can't wait to see what YOUR thankful for!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Can you BELIEVE???

The computer is working... I haven't been pulled away... ON TRACK!!

Thank you EVERYONE that submitted to this challenge! I know it might have confused some that the challenge was under the winner from the previous challenge. :)

I LOVE the inspiration I get EACH time there is a challenge! DT and submission... fabulous!!!!

So... the winner THIS challenge??

COME ON!!! Do ya blame us?? I mean, I am STILL chuckling! :)

There were other awesome layouts-check them out!

And come back on Weds. to check out the challenge-and we will have Andrea Weibe, Scrap In Style Fashionista as our Guest Designer! Woot Woot!! :)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

What? You want a winner??

Congrats to Mindy!!
(and it isn't because you used my Memories Complete product! {wink} :) )

Thanks Mindy!! Way to go!!

Sorry for the delay in posting!!
Computer issues, plus a trip out of town ='s more problems! :)

And the other wonderful submissions!! MAN oh MAN they are fabulous!!! Seriously! Scraplift-able for SURE! :)