Tuesday, March 31, 2009


New challenge and new format announced TOMORROW!
Can you BELIEVE?? :)

I will casually be looking for new DT members...
Each month, a designer picks a challenge (posted on the 1st) and a technique, tip, tutorial, etc. which will go up on the 15th.
(Kinda gives away what's up, huh?? :) )

RAK you say?? Add yourself as a follower, and you will be entered for a RAK-and ANNA! Email me! I need to get with you about a previous RAK!! :)

OK, See ya tomorrow!!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

I am pretty sure...

...no one checks here anymore...
I just know it. :)
You have given up, haven't you?

OK, I hope not...

But after some discussion, and pondering we are going to continue BUT we are going to relaunch-sort of...

We are going to have challenges just ONCE a month, but each designer will post a challenge of their choice AND share a technique that month too... so we are changing things up!

Plus, you have GOT to be getting sick of ME!!

There is a lot of talent on our team... and beyond! :) So let's highlight it a bit more!

If you are interested in joining our team before we get started again, drop me an email.

I am not expecting any emails... cuz no one comes here anymore, right? :)

But I STILL think it is important to TELL YOUR STORY... so I am thrilled to have ANY layouts prompted by this little challenge site!!

In the meantime-be blessed!

We'll see ya SOON!

(teaser: Cindy Tobey is our guest designer... poor thing gave me her layout AGES ago! Ya don't want to miss it!! Might even be a RAK comin' up! Never know! )

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Delays, delays...

Edge of your seat kinda girl I am!! LOL!

Between illness, illness, more illness, and tragic loss of friend this week-we are going to run a week behind again, I fear... so in the meantime, let's play around a bit!!
I LOVE that you answered the last question!! YAY!

1-What is your FAVORITE scrapbooking tool? (other than a cutter-but include your fav cutter too!)

2-Who is the company, if you could only scrap with one, that you would pick?

3-Do you subscribe to a magazine, and which one(s)?

4-What is your hobby OTHER than scrapbooking?

5-If you are giving up something for lent, what is it? If you WERE to give up something for lent, what WOULD it be?

6-What is your favorite TV show? Channel?

I wanna know!! Maybe we can get a page out of this!! LOL!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Satisfaction is...

The one and only layout submitted!!

Thanks Heather!!
Your a superstar!!
Even if only one person tells there story, it is a story worth telling!

The next challenge will launch SOON...

But in the meantime-a question...
Has your scrapbooking been impacted by the economy in any way??