Tuesday, December 30, 2008

You Believe...

...in the power of creativity! :)

Thanks to everyone who participated!
I am always inspired!

The winner got to the heart of this site... telling the story. I personally was touched by her reflection. And since telling your story is so very important, let's reward you here for it!
Glenda! Thanks for sharing your LO and perspective with us!!The layouts were ALL incredible... there are no "losers" on this site! Just a different stroke of brilliance being recognized!

Thanks to everyone that has participated over the first 6 months of our challenges! I have learned a LOT, and I have been SO very inpired!
If you like our site, tell a friend! We love crowds! :)

Happy New Year everyone!
May your new year be healthy and blessed with daily joy!!

Friday, December 19, 2008

I Believe...

There are not enough hours in a day!! LOL!

And with that, our challenge.

It is that time of year, what you believe may be coming to the forefront... whether is Christ, Santa, or even someone you love, it is the time of you may miss someone, search for someone, or reflect on what it is you believe in and love.

With that, I want you to scrap it... You can do the obvious, that is OK (Christmas related) or you can play "off the wall". We're OK with that too... but EVERYONE believes in SOMETHING.

What do YOU believe in??

From our Designers:
Layouts due (post a link in the comments from a gallery or blog entry) by Sunday December 28th... but if your a little late, It's All Good! :)

Monday, December 15, 2008

How about I indulge...

...and EVERYONE wins!

OK, we have been short of RAK's since my living in a basement... and I think I have a couple still to send out! But regardless, all of you that took the time out of your busy holiday schedules to create, well, all four of you deserve recognition!! So here they all are!! All WONDERFULLY creative layouts!! Though obviously, we all have issues with sweets! LOL! Check back Weds... (hopefully! :) ) for the next challenge!

See ya soon!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

If all else fails...

...skip a week!

Are you all sick of turkey??
It is time to SCRAP!
OK, so many of you are trying to finish up cards, or gifts for the Christmas. I get it. But when you DO take a break, what do you indulge in?? What is YOUR indulgence of choice??

That it! That's the challenge! I want to hear it!! Let's see what you do for YOU when you get the chance!!

Since we skipped... challenge due December 14th at Midnight (yeah, right!) :)

OK, next thing-we are VERY privileged to have a FANTASTIC guest designer. I've met Gigi Kennedy... she is full of spunk (cute little thing actually!) and VERY creative to boot! What I love about her style is it gives you a real idea who she is, first glance! Her style is fun, original, fresh, funky, and yet she makes it look simple! She is a designer for "One Little Word" (one of my personal fav.'s in the challenge blog world!), is on the Tarisota Collections design team, and has been published too! And you need to check out her blog of ENDLESS inspiration!!
When asked what she wanted to share about herself and what she does:

I love to make stuff with paper...and ribbons...and paint...and buttons...and nowadays, my sewing machine. I've been scrapbooking for about 4 years and these days, the craft has become a way for me to keep more than just my memories, my scrapbook has become an extension of my journal & a place where I really enjoy recording what makes me tick & have some fun trying to do it artfully.

When asked to be this week's Guest Designer, I was so excited and honored! The Story Matters Team and challenges are always inspiring to me. I really enjoy how it pushes you to actually thing about and scrap some of the stories of you & your loved ones that may have gone un-recorded. It was so great to be a part of the Team for a week & play along with this challenge!!

Here is Gigi's take on the weeks fun!
And from our designers:
Penny: Seriously... it has been sitting on my table for DAYS, not quite done. :(

Sophia:Theresa:Tina:Ashleigh:Candi: She was off giving birth. :)

Kate: Has disappeared off the face of the earth... if you see or hear from her, send word. :)

Sasha: THIS girl is BUSY!!

Hopefully we'll be back to full staff soon! Typical holidays!! :)

Can't wait to see what ya come up with! ('member, Dec. 14th!)