Friday, November 28, 2008

I am thankful for...

...time to get things done!!

Sorry folks! Despite my goal to stay ON TRACK, we're runnin' a bit behind!

Come & check back tomorrow for the current challenge-but in the meantime:
The winner!!! :) Deana!!

OK, I know-I let her being late slide... but let's face it-I am not one to point a finger at being late! :)
And here is the other AWESOME layouts of inspiration!!! (OK, I know the snowman is corny, but I couldn't help it! I am in a winter kinda mood!)

Gigi Kennedy is our AWESOME guest designer! She was she has done, and get to know her just a bit come tomorrow!!

See ya then!

And tell a friend!! :)


deana said...

OMG!!!! Thank you SO MUCH!!! :-)

Thanks again for the inspo & I'll forever be posting on time.... :-)

jessicamae3 said...

I am so sorry I missed out on this past weeks challenge Penny! I think I was creating a mini album and I never ogt around to a layout...
My desk is kind of messy right niow and that hinders the FLOWJO!
Cant wait to see your new challenge!