Tuesday, September 1, 2009

September Challenge...Daily Rituals

Hello ladies!! This is Angela with September's Challenge--Daily Rituals. This month I'm challenging you to document something you do most every day...whether it's a morning cup of coffee with the paper, meditation, exercise, prayer or work, ugh...pick something regular, ordinary even, and record it with words and pictures.

Also, since I don't like to talk about myself, I invited a guest to contribute a inspirational layout for this month's challenge, so I could talk about her instead! The guest contributor is none other than Jing-Jing Nickel...she has such a great humorous journaling style and she does such a great job at documenting the everyday things (think muffin top), she was the perfect fit. She's also an awesome designer for the likes of Prism Card stock, Graphic 45, Purple Cows, Scrapbook Obsessions and Color Combos Galore...phew, now there's a DT list!!! Oh yeah and she's published too...most recently in an upcoming issue of Creating Keepsakes...in other words, SHE ROCKS!!! Thanks for contributing this month Jing-Jing!!

I had such fun with this month's challenge, I hope you'll play along...(I have prizes)...a Reminisce/Xyron goodie box will be awarded after the month ends to a random participant...hope to see your layouts soon!! Cheers. AGP

Now for the INSPIRATION...


Journaling: "I almost had your haircut in Shanghai two days before we left for home. Now I am so glad that my indecision won out. I couldn’t part with the curls. Then I couldn’t part with the nearly-blonde streaks in your hair next to your left ear. I admire it every time I see it shining in the light. Now as a part of our daily routine, I do your hair in the morning. As we put it: “妈妈帮你帮你梳辫子.“ I never could have imagined that I would enjoy making ponies and piggies so much. I am so far from a girly girl and yet I want to doll you up in every way I can. I try all kinds of variations: a side pony on your forehead, then two piggies on the back; two little piggies on your head and let the rest of the hair free flow; two little piggies and then a pony behind your head, so on and so forth. This ritual has something indescribably satisfying to me. It gives me a daily chance to enjoy your hair, prettify you and at the same time functionalize your hair so you can play and not worry about it in your eyes and face! I feel like I’ve done some mothering before I head out the door to work. I really love your hair, so I’m glad that I have the daily and sometimes several-times-daily opportunity to play with it."


Journaling: "I’ve gone from buying 3 apples a week and watching them go bad on my counter to buying a dozen and running out in the middle of the week! Both Devon and Maia have become APPLE MONSTERS and couldn’t be happier that their mother has obliged their recent fondess of this shiny red fruit. An apple a day definitely keeps my kiddos happy!
July 2009"


Journaling: "Taking better care of myself includes losing some weight & getting in motion more! I want to get rid of my high blood pressure meds. I’m too young for those and the dr. says that improving my life style will be a step in the good direction for me. I want to implement early morning walks in my routine. These are not in my system right now but I hope that in a few these walks will be part of my daily rituals. They say that regular exercise gets addicting over time and I can’t wait for that to happen. A new me – time for new rituals!"



Journaling: "I haven't the slightest clue what the obession with this "construction" spoon is, but it has caused more daily battles that anything in our morning ritual. For a while, the rule was whoever got out of bed first & got dressed on their own, got to have it. Now, if it's not dirty in the dishwasher or the other person didn't hide it the night before, it's first come, first serve. It's always a battle & always interesting. "


Journalling: "Daren's daily ritual & must have every morning when he wakes up? MILK!! He's gotta have his milk before the start of his brand new day, everyday! This has been since he was born!"

Thanks everyone...check back mid month for a technique...from me!!


OK, Penny here! AHHHHHHHHHH!!

HOW did I miss highlighting July's AWESOME creations!?!?!

For the love of scrapbooking!!

Here is the July winner: (Remember, entering a LO is entering! And we DRAW to win!)


But these LO's are NOT to be missed!!!

See ya on the 15th!!

Go forth and CREATE! :)


Sasha said...


Cindy said...

Where do we send our layouts for the challenge?

Angela said...

Hi Cindy...just post a link to your layout in the comments to the challenge post...can't wait to see what you create!!

The Lonely Scrapbooker said...

Is this where I post my challenge layout? I hope so!
It's here on my blog: http://wickysticket.blogspot.com/2009/09/there-are-challenges-and-then-there-are.html

Angela said...

You're exactly right, lonely scrapbooker! Thanks for playing along this month!!

Tiffany said...

Here's my layout. It's actually the first layout posted on 17 September on my blog.


For some reason I don't have an individual page for my posts. So just in case, here's where the image is located.


The Grissoms' Page said...

I would like to submit my layout. It is about daily activities and our nightly ritual between me and my daughter. You can find the image here: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_XAcF7A-vU9w/Srd8DRaDoOI/AAAAAAAABWo/grNe5pAjRHA/s1600-h/036.JPG

It is on my blog here: http://grissomcamopage.blogspot.com/

Angela said...

Great layouts ladies! Keep 'em coming!!