Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Designer Sneaks!

The first of the "Authors" that our continuing at The Story Matters... (there are more that have stayed and many new added!)

The incredibly Talented Megan Klauer!
Megan has a distinct eclectic artistic style!
Full of incredible little details that make her layouts SO fabulous!
Be sure to go by her blog to see more The Story Matters Sneak Peek photos, and to say "Hi" and become a follower of her creativity!

Angela Ploegman's style is simple, balanced and well thought out.
In addition to her photos and journaling, she really knows how to make the product work so beautifully in every layouts she creates!
And don't forget to go by and say "Hi" to Angela also!!

And Myself... Penny Smith. Unwilling to toot my own horn, what I will tell you, is that I LOVE layering, trying new things, and I truly love this hobby. I started The Story Matters because I am SO passionate about the stories being told, not just the product being highlighted, or pictures merely being framed. I want to encourage everyone to TELL their story and USE their layouts to tell the generations that are yet to come, who we are, and what was important to US... our family, our pets, our jobs, our hobbies, our trials, our struggles, our experiences...
Our history-who we are. We are given this WONDERFUL opportunity to tell it in a BEAUTIFUL medium called scrapbooking! I just want to inspire to do just that! Tell it!
So come by my blog and tell ME you've been by! :) And all followers to my blog (and Megan's too for that matter!) are automatically entered in any RAK I have! So sign up!

As we come closer to the Kit Club launching, we are looking for a FABULOUS way to introduce our new design team members!!

So root us on, and MARK YOUR CALENDERS for February 5th CST!
When The Story Matters sells it first kits!

Because YOUR story matters!
Let our kits help make it all that easier to tell!!


Starr said...

All the sneaks look great! Love the buttons & the colors :)

Tracy said...

Can't wait to see it in person:)

Ashleigh Dillin said...

How fun! Can't wait to order the kit!