Monday, November 15, 2010

December sneaks...

Mark your calendars for the December 5th reveal. You're gonna love it!




Gratitude - Day 15
{penny... finding treasure in the everyday.}


Try us out for just $19.99 (plus s&h).

Try us for the first time for just $19.99 ($5 off the regular rate)
OR pick up back up for $5 off!

Already subscribe-tell a friend, and you BOTH get $5 off!!

Just a little way we can show OUR Gratitude to you!

($5 will be refunded at time of payment via payment method via pay pal)

And don't forget-participating in the weekly challenges gives you a chance at $5 off also!

ALL this fabulousness, for just $19.99 (plus s&h when necessary).

FIND a better deal! :)


A splash of Sherry said...

Day 15: Found here:

Caitlin H. said...

Your kits are so beautiful but why are they available through subscription only? ....wish I could get at least one without making a commitment.

Penny Smith said...

Caitlin, you can! Buying promises you a kit for the next month, but if you don't want the next month, just contact us by the 25th, and you can cancel... it's that easy! So try us out! You can cancel ANY month!

XXOO AMY said...

Grateful for so many things!

Katie Scott Scrapbooking said...

this is so cute :)