Thursday, December 2, 2010

Stamping Challenges... a technique.

Hi there!
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OK, so I promised you a layout AND a technique.

Clear embossing and "misting".

This is the first time I have tried this on Kraft cardstock. I have done it on white, and you get a more distinct look on white, but if you want to "grunge it up" Kraft is your base! :)

ANYWAY, think about ALL the extra mileage you'd get out of your stamps, using them this way! And let me tell you... I have a LOT of stamps to get some use out of. :)

All you need is clear embossing powder, (I am a Ranger girl, so I use Ranger! It's the best!!), embossing medium, (again, Ranger rocks! Try this "Big and Bossy" pad from Ranger! LOVE that it has a clear AND a black embossing base.) and a heat gun. And of course, a stamp and mist of your choosing.

Stamp the image on your project with the clear embossing medium (versamark will do too...)
Now think of all the images you could use... random stars, circles, birds... I used the journaling lines from Kaiser that was in a TSM kit. :)

When you stamp with Big & bossy or versamark, it should look a little bit "wet" where you stamped. But not ALWAYS! Sometimes it is VERY hard to see... DON'T panic! It's there if you juiced up your stamp like you would ink! Trust me here! Part of this did not look stamped at ALL and it still worked out.

Then... sprinkle clear embossing poweder all over where you stamped. It is always good to have either good aim to get it back into the container, or a paper plate, if you don't want risk taking it from project to embossing jar. I just slid all the embossing powder over to the middle of the cardstock then funneled it back in.
Time to heat. I like this one that looks like a hair dryer, but most have the long pointy heat gun. It works either way. :) Just watch that you move along and stop heating when it melts, not when it is bubbling and burning! :)
It should look something like this...
Then, after the embossing powder cools, mist away! The mist will not cling to the embossed image! (I always get paranoid and wipe the top of the embossing after it has set a few seconds, but before the bigger drops of mist dry.)

The smaller the space between the stamped details and the darker the cardstock, the more subtle the affect will be...
Easy peasy! See, embossing-not just for card makers! :)
Thanks for stopping by! If you try this, or Megan's technique below, put it in our gallery or link us up via the comments! We LOVE to showcase layout on the blog here! :)

Now carve out some time for yourself to create today!


Anonymous said...

ve that technique... fabulous!

meganklauer said...

Funky & Cool! Love it!

Shelley Haganman said...

Very cool technique!!