Thursday, December 16, 2010

Donate for a chance to win Decembers TSM kit (and help save a life!)

I came across this post when I was blog hopping. I was visiting Stephanie Howell's blog-can't help it! Not only is she a talented designer, I love to see those lil babes! :)

ANYWAY, she linked her blog to this plea.

The Story Matters could NOT help but donate a kit.

I (Penny) myself have adopted from Ukraine, and I have seen the conditions these orphans live in-and how hard it is for them to heal if they do escape.
(that is our little Ukrainian Princess in the middle... with her crooked smile (she had a cleft palate) she is a wonderful, wild, exhausting blessing! )
Olga is special needs (she has Downs Syndrome)... and if she does not come home to a forever family, she will go to an institution. This woman is trying to raise the money to pay for her adoption by a willing family...
That is what stops many people from adopting. Cost.

Helping Olga helps save her life.

And you just might win a ipod, or a TSM kit, or one of many other prizes!

Give a little. Save a life.

HURRY, prizes drawn tonight at midnight!

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juliea said...

Ooooh, Penny, I just won! I'm waiting to hear back from Stephanie how to receive this wonderful gift. I have been thinking for soooo long about getting started in scrapbooking, but just hadn't made the time... I guess now is finally the time! Thanks for participating in this great cause, and thanks for the prize!!!