Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Author's Choice!

Sometimes I wonder if I blog surf other scrapbookers sites
more than I scrapbook these days.

I love the ideas , the inspiration,
and the amazing layouts I can lift... all by clicking my mouse.

Do you know what is even better than that?

Have you guys been in there and posted lately?

You can post anything crafty.... TSM kits, or not.
We want to see what you've been creating.

And the best part is.... Your projects can be featured here..

My favorite project this time around is by one of our Authors Shelly.
I really fell in love with her luminary bag, so much that i just had to share it.

I know, I know.... i shouldn't have picked an author for this honor,
but just look at it. It's so darn cute.
I'm off to scraplift this beauty right now.
I'm thinking anybody who can make a brown paper bag
look this good deserves the extra credit.....

And wouldn't this make a great gift bag for those One-Of-A-Kind gifts?
Thanks Shelly for the inspiration (again..)
You amaze me...


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