Wednesday, August 18, 2010

August Mid-week inspiration...

I actually got some time to sit down and scrap, and I (Penny) naturally {wink} grabbed my August kit again! It was calling to me! That FELT! There is so much of it, so I just kinda went nuts a little...
and I still have lots left.

First, in this layout, I used the felt to make flowers. All these are is I cut the felt into a spiral, like you have seen so many of the paper flowers. Starting from the outside of the spiral, I started to "roll". I would add a fold here and there, especially in the middle. The inside of the spiral is a circle, and I used that to glue the whole business together. If this is as clear as mud, I would be glad to take more pictures, just let me know.
Here is a link to the PAPER tutorial I first used when making spiral flowers.
I just hand cut the leaves and hand-stitched them.
This one... in addition to hand stitching, I also wanted to use the illustration of the papers theme... these October Afternoon papers are so cute, rarely do I care if the "theme" matches my layout! Having them work together is a rarity! :)

And 'tis the season for back to school! This is a older picture, but one that was waiting patiently to be scrapped! Do I used pink for boys! YES I DO! :) I just don't care! Try it, it isn't as gender specific as you would think, with the right papers and embellishment, right? :)
We are VERY close to selling out... actually, we were out, and decided to make more!
(The Story Matters is owned by a store and they are flying out the door!)
So get yours while you can!
Remember, buying a kit is a subscription, but you can cancel ANY month! You have 10 days after the sneak peek to decide if that months kit is for you! And having a kit subscription promises you the next months kit! Since we have been selling out lately, bonus to you!

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Amy Coose said...

Oh, I just love your LO's, Penny! Talk about inspiring!