Sunday, September 28, 2008

Another challenge (FINALLY!)

I am almost done moving! This move took SO dang LONG!!
I promise when the dust settles I will have a more regular schedule!
I appreciate all of you that have been supportive and patient!

OK, so there is the deal, everyone that enters a layout this time around is eligible for a RAK!!

I will make sure it is fabulous!! Promise!!

So there is the challenge... :)

Someone awhile back brought this to my attention, and I think it will not be as hard! :)

I mean, it is like Mad Libs! Anyone do Mad Libs??

Fill in the blanks, make about it yourself, your child, WHOEVER, or a THING! Use it like an interview, or use one of two lines of it... your choice!!

But HAVE fun, and let the creative juices flow!! :)

”I Am” Poem

I am (Two special characteristics the person or thing has)
I wonder (something the person or thing could actually be curious about)
I hear (an imaginary or actual sound)
I see (an imaginary or actual sight)
I want (a desire)
I am (the first line of the poem is repeated)

I pretend (something the person or thing could actually pretend to do)
I feel (a feeling about the imaginary)
I touch (an imaginary touch)
I worry (something that could really bother the person or thing)
I cry (something that could make the person or thing sad)
I am (the first line of the poem is repeated)

I understand (something the person or thing knows to be true)
I say (something the person or thing believes in)
I dream (something the person or thing could actually dream about)
I try (something the person or thing could make an effort to do)
I hope (something the person or thing could hope for)
I am (the first line of the poem repeated)

And from our designers... Kim Garner is so busy with her Rusty Pickle Goodness, she will have to step down. And Kate, please keep praying for her!! I can't imagine what it is like to have to deal with the aftermath of such storms!

Next challenge we introduce a new designer, AND I am having a DT call for one to 2 more!! Interested? Just email me your gallery... :) Journaling encouraged!!


I am sweet & beautiful.

I wonder why…

I hear my favorite song and start to dance.

I see the good in the world.

I want to follow the yellow brick road.

I am sweet & beautiful.

I pretend to be a princess.

I feel pretty.

I touch the sky.

I worry if I have to go to school today.

I cry for Mommy.

I am sweet & beautiful.

I understand the importance of taking turns.

I say “for real” all the time

I dream of being a ballerina.

I try to do cartwheels.

I hope I can do backhand springs someday.

I am sweet & beautiful.

Candi: Sasha:

I am silly and outgoing
I wonder what tomorrow brings to my smile
I hear silent cries
I see tears of joy
I want more peace to my heart.
I am silly and outgoing

I pretend everything is perfect
I feel stronger
I touch whispers
I worry about my family
I cry because I am human
I am silly and outgoing

I understand life is what you make it.
I say make it do what it do
I dream the unimaginable
I try to live for me
I hope for a beginning to an end
I am silly and outgoing

Ashleigh:Post by Sunday Oct. 5th at Midnight Cally time! :) (Link your blog entry to gallery link!)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Winner IS...

ALL of you!! :)

THAT'S right! I decided that I would just share the wealth and give ya all a little prize!!

They were all great, and we couldn't pick, so there ya have it!

Email me at

I do NOT mail quickly, especially now (STILL moving!!) But I'll get ya!

Thanks for sharing yourselves with us!!

NEXT CHALLENGE: Everyone that enters, will be entered for a RAK!! But ya have to PLAY to WIN!! :)

OK, so I PLAN on always launching on Weds... and today is Weds... but I have to admit, it will be tomorrow! Sorry!!!!

See ya there! Tell your friends-RAK!! :)

Saturday, September 13, 2008

IT's ABOUT TIME!! (Challenge #5)

CURRENT EVENTS... what about the world affects you??

OK, this is NOT as hard as you would think.

Besides taking forEVER to post our challenges lately- :) -I was talking to some people about this challenge blog, and more than once I have been told, they are hard. Or that they took thought.

OK, I am NOT apposed to that!! I'm NOT! But I don't want you to pass the challenge by either, because you perceive it too hard.

Either way, I want you to join us... because your story matters. Because all we have is this very moment... then the next... and that last moment, you might want to remember what it was like to love that moment. Scrapbooking is good for that.

So current events that affect you... the war, the economy, our schools, the housing issues, gas prices, hurricanes, tornadoes, a local issue... what affect that world, and then affects you.

Tell us about it. Share the story that you can look back in in more detail.

OK girls... I will give you a couple extra days... God knows I have been needing extra time lately!!

Post by Sunday night the 21st at midnight, Cali time... I look forward to your layouts!!

And from our designers NOT being affect by current events, that have power... etc... PLEASE, again, keep Kate in your prayers-and all the people dealing with the hardships caused by the current hurricane activity!!

We all may not agree with who should win
We all may not want a black president
We all may not want a women VP
We all may not be ready for change
but this is history and either way
rather we like it or not you know
History is being made as I type.

Holy crap...the gasoline prices...
The electric bill is going higher & higher
It is going to cost double what it did last year
to heat hour home this year.
With everything going up,
what does that mean to our family?
It means less driving.

Less eating out.
Heavy sweaters in the winter!
It sucks!!
I just want it all to STOP!

Candi: (Digital)Penny:Tina:

Thursday, September 11, 2008


OK, girls... new challenge, by the end of night-I certainly hope. :)

For this challenge also, Kate will be absent, due to being displaced due to the hurricanes in Louisiana!!!!!

I am a prayer... so anyone else that is :), please include her and her wonderful (LARGE) family in your prayers! I cannot imagine having 6 kids and having to deal with this!! WOW!!

We MISS you Kate!!!

But don't worry about us!! We'll be waiting for your fabulous works when you can get back to it... whenever!!!!!!

Thanks ladies!!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

AAAAHHHHHHH!!!!! Sorry for the DELAY!!

Simona!! You will receive a prize package from Scrapaganza!! :)

We LOVE Your LO!!! We loved ALL the LAYOUTS! Thanks for making it so HARD each time!!!!

See girls, it didn't have to be so hard!! :)

OK, so here is the deal... I know busy. But I also want to keep you interested too...
Anyone that refers a friend and they do a LO too, for the next challenge... they will get two votes for every vote they get for their LO from our design team!! And THEY will get an extra too!!

Just have them post in their comment who sent 'em!!!

Also, I want your input!! Would you prefer a Flickr account to upload to?? I am not so advanced on such subjects... and I hardly have the time to update my blog, let alone have more random accounts, but I will do whatever you want!! :)

OK, girls! Here are the other (excellent) layouts... and the next challenge SHOULD post tomorrow!! {wink} :) ((and I KNOW, the slide show is kinda weird... just trying something out. If it bugs ya, don't hesitate to let me know!! :) AND if you want to see the LO's bigger, just click on the picture, and it will take you to a NORMAL slide show! :) ))

Also, please be patient! I am moving into my in-laws basement-nuff said!! :) We are building a house, and it is the most practical and economical option... even if it is a 100 year old 1000 square foot 2 bedrooom bungalow that will be filled with 7 people and a dog!! :)

Thanks ladies!! See ya soon!!!!