Saturday, September 13, 2008

IT's ABOUT TIME!! (Challenge #5)

CURRENT EVENTS... what about the world affects you??

OK, this is NOT as hard as you would think.

Besides taking forEVER to post our challenges lately- :) -I was talking to some people about this challenge blog, and more than once I have been told, they are hard. Or that they took thought.

OK, I am NOT apposed to that!! I'm NOT! But I don't want you to pass the challenge by either, because you perceive it too hard.

Either way, I want you to join us... because your story matters. Because all we have is this very moment... then the next... and that last moment, you might want to remember what it was like to love that moment. Scrapbooking is good for that.

So current events that affect you... the war, the economy, our schools, the housing issues, gas prices, hurricanes, tornadoes, a local issue... what affect that world, and then affects you.

Tell us about it. Share the story that you can look back in in more detail.

OK girls... I will give you a couple extra days... God knows I have been needing extra time lately!!

Post by Sunday night the 21st at midnight, Cali time... I look forward to your layouts!!

And from our designers NOT being affect by current events, that have power... etc... PLEASE, again, keep Kate in your prayers-and all the people dealing with the hardships caused by the current hurricane activity!!

We all may not agree with who should win
We all may not want a black president
We all may not want a women VP
We all may not be ready for change
but this is history and either way
rather we like it or not you know
History is being made as I type.

Holy crap...the gasoline prices...
The electric bill is going higher & higher
It is going to cost double what it did last year
to heat hour home this year.
With everything going up,
what does that mean to our family?
It means less driving.

Less eating out.
Heavy sweaters in the winter!
It sucks!!
I just want it all to STOP!

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Krista Stussy said...

this challenge does seem tough... maybe not tough, but it will take a lot of thought! Hope to fit this one in ;)

NancyJones said...

I DID IT I posted it on my blog. Mine is about GUSTAV.
(is that how Im supposed to submit that I did the challenge?)

Kim said...

Okay, apparently my page was a little over-dramatic ~ I managed to make my bff worry about my state of mind. I just kinda wrote about things I worry about (I am a worrier). Tell me what you think ~ here it is:


Danielle said...

Hi, just found you, this looks like a good challenge to try. There are SO many right now to pick from... Thanks for getting me thinking and I'll be back...

Marilyn said...

At first, this one seemed a little tough, but after thinking about it, it was pretty easy, mostly journaling! It is on my blog, Thanks Penny for your comment on my blog, you didn't really think I would forget TSM did you? lol

Tania said...

This one wasn't tough, it was just a matter of picking which one!

here's mine

thanks for peeking :)

Mindy said...

Here's mine right under the wire again -- is there a prize for that? I would definitely win -- I'm consistent!

ethnicscrapbooking said...

I love this challenge. I'm hosting a crop in Nov, right before the election to get my scrapping friends to scrap their perspective of living through this historical event! WOW