Thursday, September 11, 2008


OK, girls... new challenge, by the end of night-I certainly hope. :)

For this challenge also, Kate will be absent, due to being displaced due to the hurricanes in Louisiana!!!!!

I am a prayer... so anyone else that is :), please include her and her wonderful (LARGE) family in your prayers! I cannot imagine having 6 kids and having to deal with this!! WOW!!

We MISS you Kate!!!

But don't worry about us!! We'll be waiting for your fabulous works when you can get back to it... whenever!!!!!!

Thanks ladies!!!


dr said...

Not sure where Kate is going to but I'm in north La. & if she's in my neck-a-da-woods my kiddos would love to play. I can help any way I can. Let Theresa K. know & she'll be able to get in touch with me.
Prayers to & for ALL who are leaving their homes & for those who aren't.

Sasha said...

Alright Penny ... where is the challenge I am soo excited to see what the ladies come up with .. hee hee

Mindy said...

After I told you yesterday they were hard I felt bad later on and want you to know that "hard" isn't a bad thing and maybe a better description of your challenges is "thought provoking". I have done every challenge so far and have scrapped some stuff I never would have otherwise but am glad I did. I am getting an album just to put story matters challenges in.
I think when the challenges come out it's not an instant oh I know what I am doing. I have to think it over for many days before I come up with something so the idea kind of evolves over time! I hope you keep up with the great challenges!

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