Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Winner IS...

ALL of you!! :)

THAT'S right! I decided that I would just share the wealth and give ya all a little prize!!

They were all great, and we couldn't pick, so there ya have it!

Email me at

I do NOT mail quickly, especially now (STILL moving!!) But I'll get ya!

Thanks for sharing yourselves with us!!

NEXT CHALLENGE: Everyone that enters, will be entered for a RAK!! But ya have to PLAY to WIN!! :)

OK, so I PLAN on always launching on Weds... and today is Weds... but I have to admit, it will be tomorrow! Sorry!!!!

See ya there! Tell your friends-RAK!! :)


Tania said...

woo hoo!! You are so generous! Thanks so much :)

Colleen said...

I want to play. Your challenges sound like so much fun. Just can't seem to find the time or get organized this year.