Wednesday, September 10, 2008

AAAAHHHHHHH!!!!! Sorry for the DELAY!!

Simona!! You will receive a prize package from Scrapaganza!! :)

We LOVE Your LO!!! We loved ALL the LAYOUTS! Thanks for making it so HARD each time!!!!

See girls, it didn't have to be so hard!! :)

OK, so here is the deal... I know busy. But I also want to keep you interested too...
Anyone that refers a friend and they do a LO too, for the next challenge... they will get two votes for every vote they get for their LO from our design team!! And THEY will get an extra too!!

Just have them post in their comment who sent 'em!!!

Also, I want your input!! Would you prefer a Flickr account to upload to?? I am not so advanced on such subjects... and I hardly have the time to update my blog, let alone have more random accounts, but I will do whatever you want!! :)

OK, girls! Here are the other (excellent) layouts... and the next challenge SHOULD post tomorrow!! {wink} :) ((and I KNOW, the slide show is kinda weird... just trying something out. If it bugs ya, don't hesitate to let me know!! :) AND if you want to see the LO's bigger, just click on the picture, and it will take you to a NORMAL slide show! :) ))

Also, please be patient! I am moving into my in-laws basement-nuff said!! :) We are building a house, and it is the most practical and economical option... even if it is a 100 year old 1000 square foot 2 bedrooom bungalow that will be filled with 7 people and a dog!! :)

Thanks ladies!! See ya soon!!!!


Beth Perry said...

I dig the slideshow. There is also the drive in theater that looks really cool too.

And yes on flickr. It really makes it so much easier!

Can't wait to see tomorrow's challenge!

Tanya said...

I have to agree that a flickr account would be great. So much more fun to see everyone's work in one place than flipping through comments and then try to copy and paste the link...too much work.

Susan said...

congrats to the winner. i'm ok either way but i won't lie, but i will probably forget to post on the

Simona said...

Ahahhhh, I'm so happy!!! Thanks so much girls!!! Everyone did a gorgeous work ^_^!
... the Flickr account is good for me ;-)
Ciao ciao,

Simona said...

Uhmmm I forgot to ask ... maybe you need my addy?
My e-mail address is

Charlene E. said...

Congrats to Simona. That is a darling LO, love the papers. I'm actually trying to find some of those BG Mellow papers myself.
I have just recently discovered Flickr and it would be great if we could see everyone's LO in one place.

Ashleigh Dillin said...

PLEASE MAKE A FLICKER ACCOUNT. It would be so much easier for EVERYONE to see! :)

NancyJones said...

Ok Im new to this challenge blog. I did the newest challenge and put it up on my blog. I am not sure how I am supposed to do this? Can ya help a goob out? haha
I posted it here with the other things I did yesterday.
If I need to do something else please just shoot me an email at