Monday, January 24, 2011

Card Day With Bree!

I'm super excited to share these projects with you today!

Here's a Valentine Card,
It's a little ahead of schedule.

It was easy to turn wintery papers into a Love note,
with just a touch of red cardstock and a little glitter.
And instead of putting the card IN the envelope,
I turned the envelope into an embellishment on the front of the card.
You could sneak a love letter, a treat, or gift card
into the envelope if you wanted!

And here's my 2nd card

Hello Sunshine,
again i used the envelope on the front of the card, i really loved the way it looks.
This card reminds me of Grandma's garden,
And could be used for any occasion!

And instead of a third card, I made this little frame.
I used a dollar store frame.
It was dark brown, so I lightly sanded it
and added a couple of layers of acrylic paint on top.

After it dried i sanded some of the edges off to give it a chippy look.

I then used the matte that came with the frame as a base
and covered it with cardstock and patterned paper.

I layered some Prima Leaves, Prima pebbles, Webster's pages button, and a flower.

I added stickers to the journalling card to make the title,
and popped it with foam adhesive.

A giant bow, and voila,
a simply shabby chic little frame!

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MandyKay said...

beautiful projects, Bree!! congrats on the pubs!!

Kim said...

That frame is gorgeous Bree! It took my breath away! Such beautiful stuff!