Monday, July 26, 2010

"i'm bored" cube!

Hi everyone! I'm Andrea and I've been looking forward to my blog hosting exciting!!!

For this week's challenge I'd love to see you use your punches on a project, layout, or card! Use as many different punches as you like...the more the merrier ;)

As August hits I'm starting to hear a little bit of "I'm bored" or "I need something to do" so I thought I'd turn it into a game! I made a paper cube out of a 12 X 12 sheet of paper and some fun embellishments from the July The Story Matters kit. Each portion of the cube contains a fun activity for the little ones to do when they are bored :)

Paper Cube Tutorial


12 x 12 sheet of patterned paper
trimmer with scoring blade or stylus
double stick tape
embellishments, photos, punches, etc.

1. Using the ruler on your trimmer, measure in 2 3/4 of an inch from the left hand side of your paper and make a cut stopping 3 1/4" from the bottom.

2. Turn card stock 90° and insert paper into trimmer to measure 3 1/4". Measure 2 3/4 of an inch from the top, insert your trimmer blade and cut until you reach the bottom of your paper and you are left with an "L" shape.

3. Starting with the side of your paper that is 2 3/4 of an inch wide (place paper in trimmer like a backwards "L"), score at 1/2", 3 1/4", 6", 8 3/4", and 11 1/2".

4. Turn card stock to score that other side at 2 3/4", 5 1/2", 8 1/4", and 11".

5. Hold your paper to form an "L" shape and trim 1/2" off of the right hand side.

6. Trim the corners and tabs as shown.

7. Decorate as desired. I drew an "X" on the square that will be covered up just so I remember not to decorate it :)

8. Add sticky back tape to the tabs, form your cube and you are done!

OK so maybe the "clean out your closet" isn't such a fun activity for your children but they will be amazed at all the fun stuff that is lurking in the depth :)

Leave any questions in the comment section and I'll answer them as best as I can!

Hope your summer continues to be happy!


Michelle StClair said...

So so so cute Andrea!

meganklauer said...

Great tutorial Andrea! So fun!!!

Shelley Haganman said...

What a great idea!

Penny Smith said...

WOW! Awesome!