Monday, July 21, 2008

Incredible Theresa!

I still can't believe that Theresa said "Yes" to designing for us here at "The Story Matters"!

What an incredible style she has!! I am ALWAY KNOCKED OUT my her designs!
She is a ROCK STAR!! We are SO fortunate!
I asked Theresa a few questions, so we could get to know each her just a little bit better!
Thanks Theresa! Your Story Matters!!

Check her out here on her blog! You'll be knocked out too!
-What state do you live in? PA
How many states have you lived in total? Well....I have moved 4 times in my life.......NEVER off of the same street!
-You have scissors/cutter, cardstock, pens, and adhesive-what 5 things scrapbooking things could you NOT live without! -Stapler, buttons, ANYTHING RED, paint, and label maker.
-What was your first scrapbooking experience? I began scrapping about 12 years ago off and on, more so in the past 2 years. I can remember I never wanted to cut the picture, so all I did was cut up cardstock with deco scissors and slap a Mrs Grossman sticker on it. Boy...things have changed!
-And is there someone special that introduced you to it? nope, but I did consult my friend that only worked with creative memories....that didn't last for me too long. I do still have the corner rounder though!
-Besides TSM, who do you design for? I design for Red Velvet Kit Club.
-Tell us something we wouldn't guess about you? Quirk, habit, fetish (keep it clean!) little known fact...
Ok, I will give you two....I will not carry an umbrella. Ever. I would rather get soaking wet. The second thing is I will Not EVER go to a haunted hayride/house at Halloween, but I LOVE scary movies!! Go figure.

Thanks Theresa!!
And keep the layouts comin'! Posting open until Friday at midnight!
I am SO excited about all the INCREDIBLE layouts I have seen comin' our way!
THANK YOU for all your support!

I hope, like me, you start an album for this challenge, an album FILLED with YOUR story!
Cuz it MATTERS! :)


Sassy Sasha said...

Love you Theresa .. and your work girl .. such an honor to work with ya .. and I LOVE scary movies to girl.

Krista Stussy said...

Great to learn more about you Theresa!! Im right there with ya...LOVE LOVE scary movies, TERRIFIED of haunted houses, they give me anxiety!