Sunday, July 27, 2008


OK, so the "winner" will be posted tomorrow...
But in the meantime-I am just BRIMMING over with JOY about the GUEST DESIGNERS we have planned!! YAY!

Am I the luckiest girl in the world, or WHAT!!
Hey, wait, YOU GUYS are the luckiest TOO!!!!

First up, the next challenge (that will post on Wednesday) our Guest Designer is EMILIE AHERN!!!
Who is Emilie (you better not ask that, but just in case)? Just look on the cover of your Memory Makers Magazine!! There she is!! Ain't she cute?? :)Thanks Emilie!! (You can also visit Emilie at ScrapFaith-a faith based challenge blog!)

Also confirmed, the AWESOME Kitty Foster!! Hello! Do you have her latest book??And like that wasn't enough FABULOUS-NESS, the always incredible Cindy Tobey is joining us too!! (Got a little "right click" happy here! But I had to share her greatness! This was in the Basic Grey catalog! TOO cute!)
HELLO!! I am speechless!! (Ok, not speechless-that is near impossible.)

The rest, I am keeping secret, until they choose their dates to join us!! I have the calendar of challenges until January made up!! THIS is miraculous!! I can HARDLY stand it!!! YAY!

OK, I feel better having shared!!

Like our Design Team wasn't enough (FAB)!!
Lucky, Lucky, Lucky indeed!!!!


Haberdawoman said...

I am so happy that your dreams are working out so well, I wish you nothing but greater things on this journey. Thank you for the inspiration on the last challenge, I can not wait to do the second one too.

April D said...

I have been checking and checking your site daily, okay more than I loved the last challenge and think I am gonna like this blog challenge site, and so far you really seem to have a hang for making a huge success on here as you have got some great talent already here and to come..great job.

Charlene E. said...

I'm speechless on how much you are doing and how much success you have accomplished! I'm dying to know who won the first challenge. I have this as one of my home pages, I love it that much! This is going to be a great challenge blog for me as I have so many stories, but need that little push to get them down and to know where to start. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

melita said...

sounds like you have a great line-up! I will definitely be checking in!