Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Your Story Matters... this week, we are going to give you the opportunity to showcase your telling your story any way you want! No "challenge". Just creating... emphasis on the telling. :)

Upload a layout were you REALLY journal. Your telling your story, not just telling us who, where and when...
Letting those feelings out... just writing what you felt in the moment, or really going over the details!
It can even be an old favorite, like mine above, that makes you feel good that you captured the feelings of the moment!

Free for all(journaling-wise)!

As we REALLY focus on journaling-and getting back to our roots, we want to see your creations telling your story!

Might even be a little something in it for you!! :)
Tell us here in the comments and link up to your gallery upload!

Like a challenge, we will be drawing from those uploaded by Sunday at midnight CST.

Can't wait to see what ya got!


meganklauer said...

Beautiful layout! I'm totally inspired now!

Colleen said...

Since you mentioned that we could use an old favorite I uploaded this layout.

It is the fairytale story of a little girl who wanted to be a cheerleader (and in this fairlytale the little girls gets her wish.)

Janet M said...

I uploaded one about my grandmother in the gallery. :

The journaling is :I think everyone that looks at this pictures sees one cold winter which it sure was and most of them were when I was growing up. This winter must have provided us with endless hours of sliding down the sidewalk from the top of her street to the bottom, the path was narrow and banked on both sides with really high snow. I look at this picture and see warmth because it's full of memories of being at my grandmother's house. Stepping in her front door you would be greeted with the smells of something cooking on her stove that was fired up with coal which we brought up from her cellar for it. She used to make the best homemade thick noodles that she hung over a clothes line in her kitchen to dry out. I have to say though that my favorite thing was her homemade frycakes. She used just the right amount of spices in them and then rolled them when they were hot in cinnamon and sugar. I liked the crisp donut holes that she made with the cut outs. Grandma canned vegetables all summer long and had a fruit cellar with the jars of tomatoes, pears, peaches , green beans and everything all lined up. The colors were always so pretty to look at and I never minded the request to go down and get them for her. It was from her that I got my love of sewing, quilts and reading. Her house never had a television in it so the time spent there was spent learning and listening. I didn't realize at the time that with her only having one grandson and one granddaughter how much attention we did get and lessons we were learning being with her.

QueenTracy said...

I've been a stalker of this blog for quite a while, but this is my first upload! So glad to have the time to play along. Journaling is my favorite part of every layout!

Here's my link:

I must admit. It was tough for me to read over this. Seems like just yesterday. :-(

Thanks for looking! :-D