Thursday, June 10, 2010

Mid week Challenge Inspiration!

Our fabulous Megan Klauer felt inspired by this weeks challenge "A Day in The Life" and creted a layout about how she gets to take her baby to work with her while she is young!A cool aspect to this layout is that she did one previously about her next oldest getting to come to work with her too!

And check out THIS layout by Amy Coose! HELLO creative way to use the chipboard flower negative!!! YUM! And the SEWING!

Thank you Amy for sharing YOUR day with us in this layout! Our lives change so fast, we'll all be glad we recorded this little things!

Doing a layout about "A Day in your Life" every so often, allows you to compare your life, and to remember the details that are SURE to get lost if you do not record them!

I for one am inspired to do a contrast in a layout about my life day to day when I had babies/toddlers compared to today when all my children are school age! WHAT a contrast!

So get those those creative juices flowing, create and tell your story!!


Shelley Haganman said...

Megan SOOO rocks! :)

meganklauer said... the misting!!! And how you lined up your fantastic!

Angie said...

Gorgeous layouts girls!

Kirsten W. said...

Just posted mine in the gallery - thanks for the inspiration!

Shelley Haganman said...

Love the misting technique Amy!! Great layout!