Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Geez! Ya think I could announce a WINNER!

THANK you ladies, for your inspiring layouts/projects! (Women In Our Lives)
There is SO much inspiration to be had each challenge!

We have decided to not "judge" your layouts based on our perspective. Each one is a treasure, so each one submitted has just as much right to a prize as the next... if you do not prefer us picking a prize randomly, PLEASE, let us know! If you RATHER be judged by our designers based on journaling and design, we can reconsider! So speak up! :)
We can also do a bit of both... GIVE US YOUR INPUT! :)

I numbered the entries from first to last submitted... and the winner is AUTUMN!

Leave a comment her for Sophia, so she can get your prize right out to you!!!

Here are the beautiful submissions!
(If you will notice, one has the blog address on it when you scroll over the picture... there were SO many great pictures to this submission, I wanted to point out the blog address! To read journaling, just visit the comments section of the challenge!)


meganklauer said...

Congrats AUTUMN!
And thanks to everyone who played along!

Christine said...

Congrats Autumn. I submitted but don't see my layout....doesn't matter though, I'm just glad I did this challenge. It's one of my faves in my book.

meganklauer said...

Christine~ I'll email Penny and have her add it! So sorry!

mica said...

Congratulations Autumn. Love everyone's pages... all so pretty!!

Angela said...

Congrats Autumn!!

A splash of Sherry said...

Congrats Autumn. Everyone did a great job.

Sophia said...

Congrats Autum!!!!

Autum said...

Hi ladies,
Thanks so much. I really don't think mine is the best and I am just lucky and glad to have won the RAK. Thanks for the challenge and everyone here has done a great job for this one!


Marit said...

This was a fun challenge, this is a fun challenge blog!!! Congrats Autumn, and all the other ladies: great jobs! Wonderful lay outs everyone!

sarah said...

congrats autumn. beautiful work from everyone else!!