Wednesday, February 4, 2009

FINALLY, a CHALLENGE already!! :)

Pickin' up where we left off!!

Thanks for your patience!!
My QODT on my blog the other say was: "Patience is the art of hoping."
I am hoping we'll have some participants! :)
I am moved, and moved again, and moved the store I work at...
So here we go! :)


What do you struggle with most??
Do you have a vice, an issue you need to vent about, a person you can't seem to get out of your mind, and need to make amends? What do YOU struggle with most? An addiction, an obsession... you name it!!

Here are a few examples from our "Authors":
(WOOT WOOT-Sasha can be seen in SCRAPBOOK TRENDS THIS month-February issue! TWO layouts too! Way to go-rockin' awesome!! :) )

There are days that I struggle to keep smiling

I often imagine this sunny safe place that I call

home when I get like that. I still find it hard for me

to completely just let it go. I do not like living in

misery or sadness, but sometimes it just takes over

it does not help some of the shows on tv, some of the

books I read, but I guess I just have to realize that I am

safe now, I am making a difference not just for me

but my family .. and that to me should not be viewed

As a struggle but just more so as an accomplishment



Layouts due February 15th!! (Add a link to the comments section please! :) )


Cassie said...

Yay Sasha!!! I can totally do this challenge!!

Sara said...

Oh boy...a serious topic! Off to think about this one...

Audrey said...

Hi, my entry is on my blog!


Heather said...

I finished mine! It's up on my blog! Thanks for the inspiration. I would've never scrapped this layout without it. =0)

sarah said...

first and foremost, congrats to sasha!!! =)

now on to my layout... here's a layout about my struggle:

thanks for looking,

yyam said...

Hi. This is my first time participating. Have a look!

Penny Smith said...

Great layouts ladies!!
Thanks for submitting to our first challenge back! :)