Thursday, February 19, 2009

Another Challenge!!

OK ladies! The cold virus took hold. Getting through the everyday was hard enough!

Thanks for hangin' with me!! I am high on cold medicine trying to catch up at 2 am!!

With Spring coming, and the holiday just a bit back, this should be an easy challenge.
If you think about what makes you smile, this will be an easy challenge! If you really think about it, you have idea. I bet ya do!

They don't ALWAYS have to be hard!!

But I will say, I am planning on picking the submission with the most journaling as the winner! :)
I am!
OK, we'll see, but I want to see it AND read it!!

WHAT is satisfaction to you? What makes you feel satisfied? Is it something big, like an accomplishment, or something little like an empty laundry basket (THAT'S an accomplishment! LOL!) What IS satisfaction? Satisfaction is...

Tell us!

And from our designers:
Theresa's fabulous mini:
satisfaction is...a mini album made from a Free People cataloga full nite's sleep{which does not happen very often}Finding a $40 shirt on clearence for 3 bucksGetting Reese & Cams ready for bed by 8:30Finding this pretty little paper...cute!a week at the beach.

Candi: (digi)
Ashleigh: (digi)
Get them to us by about March 1st!! :)

Thanks ladies!!

Speaking of gettin' them to us-here are the fabulous submissions from the last challenge!!
Thank you for the inspiration!!!Thank you for sharing your struggles with us!

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Heather said...

I finished mine! I loved the challenge idea. I put a ton of journaling on there. I had lots of ideas about what satisfaction is. =0)

Sorry the photo isn't the clearest, the light isn't great outside!