Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Closer Look-Distress Ink Tutorial By Angela Ploegman

Supplies needed:

Cardstock or Patterned paper

Paper Crimper

Wet Glue (I prefer Beacon Zip Dry or Fabri Tac)

Circle Punch

Paper Trimmer

Optional Supplies:

Tim Holtz Distress Ink

Tim Holtz Distress Powder


Terrifically Tacky Tape

Heat Emobss Tool

Xyron Creatopia

  1. Cut a strip of cardstock 2 – 2.5 inches wide…the length (and less so the width) of the strip will determine the diameter of the flower…I generally use a 12 inch long strip. If you cut the strip too wide, forming the flower becomes difficult. 1 strip will form 2 flowers.
  2. Ink the paper strip using the distress ink. Apply the Distress powder and emboss. When cool, remove the ‘excess’ embossing powder by rubbing with your fingers.
  1. Cut the strip in half using a decorative edge strip cutter on the Xyron Creatopia. You can use your paper trimmer for a straight edge.
  2. Run the strips through the paper crimper. Fold the strip accordion style on every other ‘crimped’ edge.
  1. Attach the two outside edges with wet glue or Terrifically Tacky Tape to form a ring.
  2. Punch 2 circles from cardstock. For this size flower, I use a 2 inch circle punch.
  3. Apply a generous amount of wet glue to the outside edge of one of the punched circles. Flip one edge (the straight edge) of the folded paper ring into the center of the ring and place the flattened ring onto the glue on the punched circle. Place a weight on top and let the glue dry.
8. Apply a generous amount of wet glue to the outside edge of the other punched circle.
Place face down on the flattened ring. Place a weight on top and let the glue dry
9. Embellish your pinwheel flower as desired! Embellish your pinwheel flower as desired!

Finished Layout (so you don't have to scroll down! :) )

Thanks Angela! This was fabulous!

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Shelley Haganman said...

I wondered how you did that!! Great tutorial and thanks for sharing ! I am going to try this!

meganklauer said...

Awesome Angela!!!

Michelle StClair said...

Love those flowers! Thanks for the tutorial!

Angela said...

Thanks ladies!! I can't stop making these flowers now!! So fast and easy!

Andrea Wiebe said...

Amazing tutorial...thank you so much!

Jill said...

I thought I left a comment either here or at your blog. Must have vanished . . . Anyway, I am really a newbie w/ embossing & painting so appreciated the tutorial. (So new I didn't realize that the black Tim Holtz powder in my S.M. kit was embossing pwd! duh!) Nice to meet you in person Angela.

Angela said...

It was super nice to meet you in person, Jill...thanks for driving in and stopping by!!

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