Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Altered Jar tip - for the woman you love!

Thank you for your patience!

I'm sharing this little project I did sometime back as Christmas gifts to my girlfriends and mom. To celebrate their love and friendship towards me.

These are the materials you need for the altered Jar:

1) An Ikea Glass Jar or any other similar cookie jar. I got mine at SGD$2
2) Stickles - The Frosted clear type
3) A strip of patterned paper (2" x 12")
4) Rub-Ons
5) Prima "Lollipop" flowers or any other flowers you might like.
6) Alphas (I used American Crafts Thickers)
7) Flowers (I used Prima Flowers)
8) Organza Ribbon (optional)
9) Faux string of pearls (optional)

1) Open up the jar and use a dry cloth/tissue to wipe the insides clean. Then squeeze a thick line of your Stickles around the inside of your jar. Using your finger, smear the Stickles all around the jar. Leave it to dry for about 30 min - 1 hour.

2) For your strip of patterned paper, leave about 3/4" - 1" of tip and tail to be overlapped. Arrange the alphas slightly spaced apart (this allows for the alphas not to come right off when the strip is placed into the circular body of the jar - I used the power of estimation). Do not glue the tip and tail of the patterned paper till the Stickles on the inside of the jar is dry. For those with slightly shorter names and there's a whole lot of space left, plan and arrange your flowers on the paper strip and stick them down (do remember to leave some space for overlapping). Leave the paper strip with the alphas and flowers aside. You should have the effect like below once the Stickles had dried:

3) Work on the lid of the jar. I used the Prima Lollipop Flower to be stuck down on the top of the jar. You can use faux pearls and do some looping out and around the flower. Add a little butterfly/dragonfly if you like. I actually removed the metal rim off the lid and added lace (or you could use an organza ribbon) around the groove of the lid and placed the metal rim back (this is optional).

4) Once the Stickles are dried, put a strip of glue tape on the short side of the strip of patterned paper that will be placed under its other end. Place the paper strip into the jar gently and allow the paper strip to "expand" and touch the glass jar (please do not stick the entire strip against the glass jar). Once you're comfortable at how the paper strip looks, clamp down on the two ends of the paper strip with your fingers to stick them together. If there is anymore space, you may add on another flower to "hide" the seams. See example below: Can you see the "seams"?

5) Add finishing touches to your jar with the use of rub-ons if you like. After which I added a touch of faux string of pearls around the neck of the jar. Here's an example:
This should be your finished product:
I hope you liked this simple tip to make a beautiful altered jar gift to the women in your lives that made life count for you!
Do keep your submissions coming in! We would love to see and hear your story about how the Women in Your Lives affected your present moment.
Have a great week ahead!

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meganklauer said...

Beautiful jar Sophia! Love how you used the rubons!