Friday, October 31, 2008

Reverse attack!!

The winners of the last challenge will be announced tomorrow. :)
In the mean time-the challenge!!

"The Picture Tells the Story"

Some pictures just say it... they need little to no help.
A child reaching for a door knob above their head... a look of shock or excitement... or like one of those pictures you get sent in your email. Some things are obvious. :) (Have you ever seen the one with the little boy licking his finger next to the dogs bum... sometimes it implies more than you might like! :) ) But journaling and a title will not count against you... up to you!!

So do you have a picture that tells a story all on it's own??
I also suggest that you challenge yourself to use larger photo's than your usual 4x6... that the picture be highlighted. Give it a try!! Heck-if ya get stick, just do a layout with a larger picture! :)

Layouts due November 9th (Sunday) at midnight!

And from our designers:

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Are you kidding me??

OK, so I am signing in on another (some one else's) computer-one withOUT my pictures of the designers LO's!! Tryin' to keep on track, and this happens!! :) We are experiencing technical problems! That'll happen when living in a basement, I guess. {sigh}

Check back soon! My very computer geek-y husband is working hard on the problem!!

Thanks everyone!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

So You Think You Can...



Reality shows... OK, so not all of you watch them (notice how I am posting AFTER the Project Runway finale? :) ) But even if you don't watch, you probably have heard their names...

"So You Think You Can Dance" is a favorite... SOOOO what do YOU think you can do??

Dance, sing, create, build, write, paint... :)

Or you can use the phrase for something different all together. Maybe a little sarcasm, or compliment? :)

Have fun.

"Make it work"

Due October 26th-Midnight! (Callie time)

Be Creative and HAVE FUN!!

Watch for a RAK VERY soon!!!

From our designers:
Ashleigh:Sasha:Theresa:Penny:Tina:AND introducing SOPHIA!!!
Give Sophia a big "HELLO"!!
I think you will agree, she is a wonderful addition to the DT!! :)
Check her out here!
Welcome, welcome!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

OK, so it's not Sunday...

Great start... I feel asleep in front of the TV waiting for my turn on the computer!!
I need to learn to use the scheduled post thing more often! LOL!

OK, so you people make it SO hard to decide on a winner each week! SERIOUSLY!!

But so it must be... :)

JESSICA!! Be sure to email me!! (

LOVE how you applied the paint... love that you used an object with the poem-GREAT LO!Thank you to all that participated!!

And the next challenge will be posted on Wednesday! Promise! :)

And watch for a RAK SOON! :)

Thanks for your patience, support and encouragement!! :)

And from the rest of you crazy talented ladies that submitted!

Saturday, October 11, 2008


OK, so ya sick of me yet??

Moving took more of a toll then I thought... I am starting to think that when we move again in December, I should take month off from everything!! :)

For those of you that check us out regularly, I AM SORRY!!
I need to get a grip... SO, I am going to play a snaffu (How do you spell that??)
I am going to announce the winner of the last challenge tomorrow, and THEN I am going to launch the next challenge THIS Wednesday... and I VOW to keep on track!! WOW!!

I need to have someone other than me post, so I can get a break when I need it! In the meantime, I will play a little catch up!!

Thanks for your patience!!

NEXT week, be watching for a RAK!! Once I am back on track (since I pretty much was off the tracks and crashing off into a tree!) we'll get everyone watchin' again (a give-away can help with that! {wink}), and I will do EVERYTHING I can to keep people CHALLENGED (regulary!!)!! :)

Thanks ladies!!
Your patience is SO appreciated!

OH... and to all of you that send your gallery and link for the DT call, THANK YOU!!
(Since I have not had a chance to focus in on that either-sigh-if you would still like to apply before I hunker down and take a serious look at all the fab applicants, feel free!!)
How will I EVER pick someone out of all the talent!!
We WILL have someone new this challenge, and hopefully the other person figured out by the challenge after that!

Thanks AGAIN!!! :)