Saturday, October 11, 2008


OK, so ya sick of me yet??

Moving took more of a toll then I thought... I am starting to think that when we move again in December, I should take month off from everything!! :)

For those of you that check us out regularly, I AM SORRY!!
I need to get a grip... SO, I am going to play a snaffu (How do you spell that??)
I am going to announce the winner of the last challenge tomorrow, and THEN I am going to launch the next challenge THIS Wednesday... and I VOW to keep on track!! WOW!!

I need to have someone other than me post, so I can get a break when I need it! In the meantime, I will play a little catch up!!

Thanks for your patience!!

NEXT week, be watching for a RAK!! Once I am back on track (since I pretty much was off the tracks and crashing off into a tree!) we'll get everyone watchin' again (a give-away can help with that! {wink}), and I will do EVERYTHING I can to keep people CHALLENGED (regulary!!)!! :)

Thanks ladies!!
Your patience is SO appreciated!

OH... and to all of you that send your gallery and link for the DT call, THANK YOU!!
(Since I have not had a chance to focus in on that either-sigh-if you would still like to apply before I hunker down and take a serious look at all the fab applicants, feel free!!)
How will I EVER pick someone out of all the talent!!
We WILL have someone new this challenge, and hopefully the other person figured out by the challenge after that!

Thanks AGAIN!!! :)