Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Last days Ladies...

To get your challenge posted to our comments!!
"Inner Motivation"

I am ALWAYS in awe some what you submit, and wanted to remind you that the deadline is coming... The month is coming to a close!!

What do you think?
Is one challenge and one tutorial a month to infrequent by us at The Story Matters to keep you interested??

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Saturday, July 4, 2009

and the june winner is...

First of all, we'd like to thank each of the gals who took the challenge! It was so fun to see each of your blogs and galleries! Here are all the great entries...

The winner is... MICA!!!
Congratulations...here is what you've won!!!

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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Inner Motivation

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Ever look in the mirror at yourself and ask random questions about what gets you going? I often find myself smiling, or frowning .. okay well at times I am laughing hysterically. I think and reflect on what motivates me to be a great mom and wife and just a great person in general, and what gives me the energy to thrive daily .. so your challenge is to tell us:

What motivates you to be good at who you are today as a mom, wife, girlfriend, friend?

Here are the stories from our TSM authors:

title: i do boo

title: because of you...
journaling: to my sweet hubby...
...i can be creative while you're making supper
...i can take over the dining room with my scrapbooking stuff & let the laundry "wait one more day"
...i can spend my weekends pursuing my love for photography while you hang out with the boys...

title: just call me MOM
journaling: Growing up, I always dreamed of becoming a mother. Of course I always imagined that I would be a SAHM (stay at home mom). Well, as life would have it, I’m a working mother of two, just like my own mom….though I ‘bring home the bacon’ so to speak, and my spouse has the ‘optional job’, if such a phrase still exists! I’ve come to grips with the incredible guilt that naturally accompanies the decision to go back to work, but know that my children will benefit from my example, as I did from my mother’s example. They’ll be socially well adjusted from an early age and learn that women can contribute positively to society as mothers, as employees and as both at the same time. It’s not a bad thing, just different, and makes every moment with my children more precious as a result!

title: from zero to sixteen
journaling: When you were born, I changed forever.
I became a mother.
And not just any mother, but a mother of a child with very special needs.
It took some time for me to get adjusted to the whole situation.
No cloud nine for us... L
Instead, I had to pop blisters and take care of wounds.
The house turned into a medical facility within a few months with boxes of gauze and wound dressings all over your bedroom.
You cried a lot, from pain and just being uncomfortable.
Your daddy spent hours and hours during the night, rocking and walking, just to make you go to sleep.
He would let me sleep, because I needed it so badly to get through the next day…
You frequently had blisters in your eyes, and all you could handle was being in the dark.
We listened to music, danced with you and sang songs.
We played little games, tickled you and tried to make you laugh.
Sometimes for three days in a row, until the blister healed and then you would open your eye again.
I always had the feeling that I needed to protect you, like a lioness protects her cubs.
People would handle you the wrong way, or they would say mean things (even in their innocence).
And if those feelings weren’t enough, I often felt so overwhelmed.
I felt so lost sometimes, as if my life consisted of nothing else but you and your wound care.
It was so difficult to just enjoy you for being in my life.
I was always scared that something might happen to you.
As you grew up, I slowly learned to relax a little.
You knew what your limitations were.
And you were very careful.
But the EB didn’t go away.
It slowly got worse over the years (that’s why they call it a “progressive” illness!).
Slowly, your skin got worse and your physical possibilities decreased.
And if that wasn’t bad enough, the pain and discomfort increased.
It’s soooo hard for me to see you suffer.
But despite everything, you still want to live.
You are the one that has the positive spirit, even if I think I can’t handle it anymore.
You are the one that keeps me going.
You are the one that reminds me why I need to go on.
Taking care of you is my goal.
As long as you will be with us.
You turned 16 this month…
I love you so, so very much. Mom


Title: grateful

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